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AmyB what were the ingredients for the injections? like, benadryl kind of thing?

WHich btw, winstons mom, i would stay away from the steriods if you could, and maybe just try over the counter benadryl in child doses. Steriods can often be much harder on the dog.
Also, try changing foods to Simply Nourish, Nature's basic, Blue buffalo, Holistic Select, or some other allergen free foods. No wheat, no corn, glueton, bi-products. That, along with some hydrocortizone spray (at the petstores, safe for dogs) and a once a week bath with hydrocortizone shampoo. You will see about a 90% improvement. I speak from experience!
You can also try watching out for carpet cleaners, dryer sheets or laundry detergent used around the dog, etc.
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Thanks for the info folks. I just came back from the doc about my babies lumps. He gave me meds for the skin condition and then we will tackle the lump issues. I guess we will have to deal with the allegies for life.
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jaleely, the serum for the injections was made by a company called Heska, I believe located in Colorado. They were just like what is made for humans. They were special made for Spencer, for what he was allergic to.
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Riley is taking Tamaril P- steroid to help with the itching and also an antibiotic. I gave him a bath today in the medicated shampoo from the vet, then sprayed the red areas in the creases... "armpits" with Gentaspray.... the areas look like they hurt him so bad and his belly is a light red color.. I tried Zyrtec like the doctor said but that did not help. Maybe its his food. I just dont know. I brushed him before this bath and lots of dandruff looking stuff on his back from a few small spots. I don't know what else to do for him.
Daisy had the bumps that Tony was talking about. She had 24 removed during 2 different surgery's. It was quite a task but well worth it. They would rupture and become infected. Just a horrible mess but she is good now. Gotta love our babies! Any ideas for Riley would be a big help.
By the way- the vet said Gentaspray is fine for humans too so I wanted to see what would happen when I sprayed it on a mosquito bite that was itching me to death and in case anyone is wondering... it burns for a second.. so if the dog has a raw area.... it might hurt??? Has anyone tried it?

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My dachshund daisy suffers from horrible allergies this time of year. She gave herself a 4x4" hot spot that was bloody and oozing over the course of a few days complete with hairloss. It all started with a large lump that formed between her shoulder blades it swelled and was green. We gave her an antibiotic and a calendula/hypericum solution. The comboe of those two wonders. She also had a rash spreading over her whole body noe her skin is back to normal and she has not been tearing her skin to shreds. I too would stay away from steroids sometimes doing to many changes and meds at once can reallly wreak havoc on the dog.

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Default We're in the same boat :(

My Simon has been really itchy for about two months now and I have tried antibiotics, skin washes, and advantage. Nothing has been working. It's gone from a bright red color to a light pink but he is still scratching and i feel so bad for him. People keep telling me to change his food because it might be a food allergy but the food the vet has been recomending is very expensive and i'm kinda tapped out in the money department. Does anyone have any tips or recomendations on this type of problem?
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jaleely said it. You will spend as much or more just trips to your vet to make him comfortable with steroids. Steroids should only be a last resort. Food is actually your cheapest way to go with this problem. there may some holistic things to do but I don't know what they are ,try to find something on line or holistic vet not cheap either.
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Default Tired of the scratching, too!

My 8 month old basset, Buddy, has some of the same issues you guys have mentioned. When he was about 4 months old he started scratching and biting uncontrollably. Vet said she thought it was a food allergy, so we swapped to Lamb and Rice. She also gave us some medicated shampoo (in case it wasn't the food). He was fine for about 2 months, now he's back at it again. He mainly scratches around his front "arm pits" area, and he bites and licks at his paws and his bottom. He doesn't have dandruff, but his skin is somewhat oily. His skin smells kind of like corn chips, especially his paws. I bathe him in the medicated shampoo about once or twice a week (leave it on for about 10 minutes and rinse thorougly), powder him down with gold bond medicated powder in his itchy spots, and spray a "hot spot" spray that contains cortizone on the red irritated skin where he scratches. I also occassionally give him a small dose of Benadryl when he gets really bad. None of this seems to be helping him that much....I believe the problem may be from allergens in our home/outdoors. We live in the country, open hay fields surrond us. We also have carpet in a few rooms. I'm considering taking him to another vet for a second opinion.
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People keep telling me to change his food because it might be a food allergy but the food the vet has been recomending is very expensive
Food allergies acount for 10-15 percent of the allergeries in dogs and dogs with food allergies tend to have other allergies ase well sot the odd of changing food helping are not high but the cost is low so that is why it is often recommended.

Just changing food however is not helpful What dogs are allergic to is protein in food and a specific protein. There are all kinds of marking claims like corn or wheat are the most common allergens are food does not contain them so it is better yadda yadda yadda. It is really quite simple a dog that is prone to food allergies is going to become allergic to the protein it is commonly exposed to so when doing an exclusionary diet for food allergies you need one that does not contian a meat source that the dog has been exposed to before and the same for a carbohydrate sources ass most contain some protein as well like grains and potatoes etc.

so the food must be a single and novel protein and carb source there are plent of these types food in the market place but make sute if the duck and sweet dpotato food for expambels does not contain other protein sources like eggs or other meats or grains.

Allergic and Non-Allergic Food Reactions Causing Skin Diseases

and of these, 80% of dogs with adverse food reactions will have a concurrent condition of atopy (refer to the previous section for more information on atopy).

atopy os contact or inhilation allergies dust, pollen etc. so as you can see the odds that itich skin is the result of simply food allergies is fairly remote/

Unfortunately most general particing vets are not very good at sorting through skin problems I always recommend consulting with a spelcialist in the long run they general save money beecause they can get to the heart of the problem rather than just treating symptoms Keep in mind also a feeding trial need to last 12 week unless symtoms resolve

find a dermatologist
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We just adopted a basset from rescue 1 week ago, he's 5 years old. Didn't scratch at the foster home for the past 2 months, we get him home, bathe him (in people shampoo, all we had at the time, bad choice) and he starts itching. Okay, we figured it was shampoo, took him to the groomer 3 days later for oatmeal bath, nail trim, glands cleaning, etc:, still scratching, changed his food from Iam's special nature to Natural balance venison and sweet potato, still itching, worse throughout the week, non-stop itching, we thought maybe separation anxiety, but today very red belly, finally to the vet. Allergy of course, pred shot, came home with prednisone pills and hydroxicone. Any ideas out there?
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