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My Bentley had about 3 rounds of back injury beginning around the age of 6. The first time he bounced back very quickly, but the other 2 times honestly took a couple months and he was chronically a little weak thereafter in one back leg. I ordered a set of ?Walking wheels the second time (which did not work for my guy but may for yours......they come ship quickly) and ultimately returned these and bought a set of custom made Eddie's wheels. By the time they arrived 2 weeks later my guy had improved and didn't need them. My other trick (once again your furbaby may be different) was to put his raincoat on him and I would hold onto the back of this and support his back legs under his bottom and go out with him this way, giving the extra balance seemed to help him. Yes by the time we got back inside MY back hurt from being bent over, but gradually he did regain strength and got almost back to normal. I was always super-paranoid with his activity after this, no jumping on/off furniture, limited running, etc. I say don't give up, I almost put mine down a few times but my vet talked me out of it for which I was forever grateful as he bounced back on more than one occasion (3 actually!). My heart aches for you though, I understand it is a terrible situation to be in. Hopefully the meds will kick in soon, maybe a stronger dose of prednisone? Also, for pain the doctor gave me tramadol (ultram) which I think really helped and robaxin a muscle relaxer. I would give it a little more time and maybe try some additional meds through the weekend. Or as suggested get a surgical opinion. I will keep you in my prayers and please keep us updated.
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Roscoe(5yrs old) jumped off the ottoman in December of 2009 and hurt his lower back. He lost his ability to walk right then and there. Immediately, rushed him over to our Vet. Damaged disc. Tramadol and prednisone pills is what Roscoe took. We made a special area for him between the sofa and a wall. ( to block out the other 4 Bassets) Made a make shift sling out of tube socks for his hind legs. The reason for tube socks is because the sling the vet gave us was too hard. I stuffed 2 tube socks and did alittle sewing and it looked like a big O. That was for his left hind leg...did the same for the other leg. At first Roscoe did not go outside to use the bathroom for a long time. But once I helped him with the brace to help counter his weight he was able to go outside.
This was some getting used to. Bringing him water and food at his safe zone. and taking him outside with the brace. This went on for almost 9weeks. I started slowly letting him use his hind legs to stand on while using the brace around week 7. Slowly he would try to use his back a new born baby deer or calf. That is how he looked.
Like I said...around week 9 he was able to stand on his own and make small steps...It was truly a blessing...
My advice is .... patience and TLC...Hope this helps.....and good luck.
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well yesterday and today she did walk for short distances and made attempts to go outside. I have had to help her with a towl under her belly but her back legs are moving in proper walking motion. This evening she went out on her own and came back in. slow and still fell to her rump once but was able to get up. I'm hoping the improvements will continue. I am very reserved about putting her down now more than ever since the past two days have shown respectable improvements. Still giving predizone and pain killers every day and I'm hoping in a few weeks she will be much better.
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Default Happy Easter News

That's fantastic and encouraging news she is making improvements with movement etc. I'm sure I speak on behalf of everyone on here when I say may she continue to improve and may you both get to spend many more precious years with your bassett. Wishing you both the very best with what I hope turns out in time to be a complete recovery !
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Just remember not to let her do too much walking. Even if she is able to do so under her own power it might not hurt to use a sling like described above. The pain killers are going to make her feel better but it might not mean that she healed up.

My friend has a basset diagnose with the same condition as yours and they recommended 6 weeks of crate rest with the only times she's let out is to go potty. Her first vet told her it would cost around 6 to 8 grand for surgery and diagnostics for her dog. The second vet said to try pain meds and steroids along with crate rest and see if she improves before going the route of surgery,

I'm so glad to hear she's doing better! I would definitely get a second opinion if things don't improve or get worse.
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There could be other options if you need them.One might be a cart for her if something reoccurs or a Holistic Vet.I have seen a dog turn around after the Holistic vet put her on a sort of raw diet.But I would not try it with out the vet.
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I'm so glad she's doing better! Sounds like rest and pain killers is doing the trick. Just keep her resting and I would keep using a sling like others are suggesting. Good luck and hope she continues to improve. More healing drool from Doppler and Virga!
-Mom to Doppler (3 year old Basset/Golden mix) and Virga (2 year old Basset)
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Yaay, great news she is doing better. As stated above crate rest (or bathroom rest) is a good idea. I kept Bentley gated in the bathroom for a couple weeks the first time. He told me he was feeling better when he attempted to jump up on "the throne" Having throw rugs down on the floor (or if you have carpeted floors) greatly helps them get around as well. Keep us posted.
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Hooray, glad to hear she is alive and in less pain...
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I hope your dog continues to improve. Another option, if needed might be Care Credit.
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