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Hi Hank, welcome! You sure are handsome
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Like Soundtrack said as big as the parents . Nothing against you personally, but who buys a puppy without at least seeing one of the parents.Well,ok in the case of where the puppy buyer doesn't pick up the puppy at the breeder's house,like Mabel,Morgan,Logan,and Sebastian. Let me start over.Most people buying a puppy go to the breeder's property to see the puppies first before buying one.If that is what most of you did did you ask to see the parents? Just curious.
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So I am thinking my puppy will be HUGE when he is full grown. I got him at 8 weeks (2 days after actually) and just took him to the vet monday at 12 weeks. He weighed 21 pounds!!
ummm no see post by
My last basset who went to the Rainbow Bridge last Nov weighed 12.75 lb at 8 weeks when I brought her home from a highly reputable BHCA-member breeder. At 12 weeks, she was 20.3 lb and at 25 weeks, 42 lb. After her first birthday, she stabilized at about 55 lbs, then after 2 yrs gained to 60 lb
using the growth chart from Large and giant breed growth by royal canin a 12 week old large breed puppy is about 1/3 its adult size 21 x 3 =63 which corresponds well with schiappab as well 60 lbs for a male basset certainly is not huge more like normal

and even then there is a huge disparity in weight based on whether the dog is overweight or not as well. A 3 years old Toughy see avaitar weighted 63 lbs and was the skinniest basset most folks had seen. His agility running weight wast 48 lbs so even with a "normal Sized " dog thier is a lot of variability in weight.

Of course this asumes that the puppy is of ideal weight and quite frankly wat most people thing is an ideal weight for a puppy is an obese weight so the dog will asctual be smaller than the estimates if this is the case provide as an adult it is of ideal weight

see Dog Diet Do's and Donít's
According to Dr. Tony Buffington, Professor of Clinical Nutrition, Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, your puppy can be fed a regimen of specific caloric intake compared to his body condition score (BCS), using a simple one to five scale, from overly thin to obese. Using manufacturer feeding recommendations as an initial starting point, feed your puppy to a score of two and maintain this weight until he's fully grown. Feed whatever amount is necessary to maintain a BCS of two during the growth period, realizing that dogs have varying growth rates and activity levels. Once his adult stature is achieved, you may allow him to reach a score of three.

2 = Thin - Ribs easily palpated and may be visible with no palpable fat. Tops of lumbar vertebrae visible. Pelvic bones less prominent. Obvious waist and abdominal tuck.
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Maggie May is a basset mix, she will be a year old the first of January and she's a whopping 30 pounds! Other than body length, ear length and height she is built much more like her pointer half than her basset half, muscular and lean with a high tuck at her pelvis. When she was spayed last month the vet said she was one nice healthy girl, that is all that matters to me.

~Maggie May b. Jan 2011~
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I did meet Hanks parents both times I went to the breeder (to pick him out at 6 weeks and pick him up at 8) but I do not have a good concept of weight just based on seeing a dog so I was curious.

Thanks for the feed back! I am sure I will be using this cite quite a bit. And Hank says thank you as well He is quite the handsome man
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Welcome to the forum and we would like to see more pictures please.

bubbad I didn't read all this because it was started on an old thread. Is this what your reply is about someones post before Hanks? Hank I'm thinking this is what happened.
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Most people buying a puppy go to the breeder's property to see the puppies first before buying one.If that is what most of you did did you ask to see the parents? Just curious.[/QUOTE]

We saw parents, past litter indivduals that had been kept for hunting, neighbours dogs you name it! Our breeder could not do enough for us and we got to play with both parents inside and out before we even met the pups!
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FWIW I bgot Barney at almost 12 weeks my other dogs at 8-9 weeks. I think the transition with Barney went smoother because he was a but older. I know potty training went smoother because he could hold his bladder longer than an 8 week old puppy so he had less of a history of peeing in th house. He also adjusted to being submissive to my older female dachshunds right away. He was still with 2 of his littermates until that point.

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My Charlie is 10 months old and weighs about 60 pounds He's happy and healthy! But it's a whole lotta love comming at ya!
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That's going to be a big fella you have there. My Turtle is only 46 lbs, but she is big in the naughtiness area.

Welcome to the forum.

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