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: Rescue and Adoption Issues

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  1. Nova Scotia Canada Adoption?
  2. Looking for a home for loving Cesar
  3. Aggression issue
  4. Biting
  5. 5 yr old in NJ looking to rehome to a good home
  6. One-eyed basset hound for rehoming
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  8. Ohio Basset Rescue
  9. Couple of Pups/Young ADULTS in MA looking for a home
  10. UK - URGENT foster home needed
  11. Adopting 6 year old male, advice seeking
  12. Adopt vs Shop
  13. Snapping issue...
  14. Fearful new foster
  15. Rescued 5 year old basset 16 months ago - find a new home?
  16. Who Killed these Dogs
  17. Anyone looking to adopt 4.5 yr old male in Iowa
  18. Bayou Bassets Need a Helping Paw!
  19. Why Does This Rescue Take So Long?
  20. Adoption Fail
  21. 2 bassets in South Carolina (but can adopt out anywhere)
  22. Please help our Basset Hounds
  23. Our first anniversary with Molly!
  24. Jess and others
  25. Adopted my first Basset! Housebreaking issues :(
  26. Looking for basset/lab mix to adopt
  27. Dallas Pets Alive
  28. New Basset Growling
  29. New basset adoption.
  30. Bassetoodle
  31. What a sweet pair!!
  32. Now Only 2% of Dogs Die in Shelters
  33. OMBR founder passes away
  34. arrRuuuby!!
  35. Friend's new foster!
  36. Still not here...
  37. The Cold, Hard (long-winded) Truth
  38. APHIS proposes to revise the definition of "retail pet store" to bring more pet anima
  39. Our first foster, Ruby!
  40. Another from Cali!
  41. Five Years Since Vick
  42. Newbie looking to rescue
  43. New to Fostering...
  44. Where to place abandoned basset/beagle?
  45. Adoption Success!
  46. I'm concerned about Taking Pup from Foster Home
  47. Rescuing a Basset Mix in NJ
  48. Thoughts.
  49. Look at this guy..
  50. Puppies in Pittsburgh area?
  51. DFW Puppies Incoming
  52. Barking issues from a rehomed basset
  53. house training tips ......
  54. Anyone live in LA?
  55. Help! Rescue Basset
  56. Urgent DFW Basset EU Today
  57. Congratulations on 2000 hounds saved!
  58. What to do w/inherited Basset?
  59. Adopting an old basset.
  60. URGENT: Witnessed a couple abandoning a Basset at a Los Angeles shelter today
  61. Hello.. Recently adopted a Rescue
  62. DFW Bassets Available
  63. My precious Chloe
  64. Rescue Foster Homes
  65. Non-breed specific rescues in Illinois
  66. Dog #3
  67. Craigslist?
  68. Basset Rescues in Illinois
  69. Crocket my shelter baby
  70. Basset rescue in Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin + a question
  71. Basset Rescue immediate downsize of 44 Bassets (Los Angeles, CA)
  72. PA Considers tax credit to encourage adoptions
  73. Take a Chance on Me
  74. No Kill Revolution reaches Dallas/Ft Worth
  75. Rufus and Emma still need a home-Video
  76. Bowser's parents need a home
  77. Hoping to adopt a rescue... but is it hopeless?
  78. My new rescue
  79. New Dallas Pound Manager
  80. Dog Park helping in Rehabbing Basset Rescue
  81. Cute, Sweet Basset Needing Home
  82. Faily seeking BH adult to adopt in Thousand Oaks, CA!
  83. Small Rescue in need of donations!
  84. WI governor wants to sell shelter dogs for researc
  85. Pair of Bassets Looking for Home
  86. Adopting a Basset- in process
  87. Small basset rescue needs help
  88. Agression Issues with my 2 female bassets
  89. Help introducing less than 1 year old to 9 yr old
  90. Sad news from Quebec.
  91. MMA fans, support basset rescue!
  92. Basset in rescue fighting for life
  93. Adorable young basset up for adoption
  94. Rescue Basset ~ Some issues arising
  95. find or rescue a baset
  96. Looking for a new basset
  97. Anabelle's Story
  98. Will they always be timid.
  99. North Texas Shuffle
  100. Forgetting housetraining
  101. What if?
  102. Fire at Puget Sound Basset Rescue
  103. Mood swings
  104. Update On Pa.Transport Situation
  105. Rescue Transporters Targeted In Pa.
  106. Help me decide if I keep this foster I've got
  107. 5 year old female near Pittsburgh, PA
  108. HUGE Rescue Mission Underway
  109. Nice Rescue Story
  110. Bucks for Bassets Auction
  111. Woofstock 2009
  112. Rescues - please help PNP move 5,000 animals
  113. Bassets needing foster homes in western and northern NY
  114. Basset looking for a home in Northern California
  115. Two senior's need a home together
  116. Gwinett GA
  117. Parkesburg WV - 1000 dogs seized from puppy mill
  118. KS 9
  119. Cool stuff going on at House of Puddles!
  120. HOP's Spring Raffle Ends Tonight!
  121. Spring Has Sprung!
  122. Foreclosures Lead to Abandonment
  123. Fundraiser for 4 The Hounds!
  124. Oprah doing puppy mill show
  125. What Every Easter Basset Needs:
  126. Transport help needed!
  127. URGENT HELP NEEDED - Puppy mill bust
  128. Dogs in Danger
  129. Update on Rudolph
  130. Abused Basset Needs New Home
  131. Saving Puppy Mill Dogs in Va.
  132. House of Puddles Holiday Raffle
  133. question about rescues?
  134. 'Dumping' Cat to Impact Hillary's campaign?
  135. On-Line Auction Benefiting ABC Basset Rescue
  136. Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia
  137. Stray Bassethound
  138. Timid Basset
  139. Transport help needed!
  140. Basset Bash 2007
  141. The transport of the puppy mill dogs
  142. Raffle to Help the Old Hounds at House of Puddles
  143. BATHE A BASSET!!!!
  144. Hi I am new, with a question.....
  145. frustrated
  147. Anyone near these two?
  148. A great Ending for Ralphie
  149. 8+ Year Old Basset Needs your Help!!!!
  150. 4 Year Old Basset Needs YOUR help!
  151. Laporte, Texas Near Houston
  152. Foster Home in Tulsa, OK area desperately needed!
  153. Yard Sale to help Homeless Hounds
  154. Anyone going to Woofstock '07???
  155. Basset Hound Needs a New Home
  156. this just breaks my heart
  157. Oklahoma...
  158. Senior Basset Help
  159. BassetHoundTown Helps House of Puddles
  160. House of Puddles Online Raffle to Benefit Senior Bassets!
  161. new adoption
  162. St. Patrick's Day Pawty!
  163. Anybody Aware Of...
  164. Rescue Dog Getting Comfy
  165. Is the Board Still Having "Issues"?
  166. Curious!
  167. Pet Finder Predators-scary
  168. adoptions on Long Island
  169. I don't understand this at all...
  170. PETS Act Passed
  171. "Prisoners Rehabilitate Death Row Dogs"
  172. Nice Piece on Dogs Being Rescued in Lebannon
  173. One Year Later Katrina Update
  174. Helping Georgia Bassets
  175. Who Is Coming to BassetFest in Wisconsin - August 26 & 2
  176. I Hope Many of You Will Be Attending BassetFest in Wisconsin
  177. GABR basset waddle in September
  178. Basset Fest 2005 Montage
  179. Basset wants a home in Switzerland
  180. Basset wants a home in Switzerland
  181. Online Raffle to Help Senior Bassets
  182. atlanta basset rescue picnic november 4th
  183. Atlanta Rescue Picnic???
  184. San Diego Basset Rescue Picnic
  185. Seattle Area / Basset on Craigslist
  186. basset mix in North Carolina needs help!!!!!!
  187. Hound in LA needs home
  188. basset hound event this weekend
  189. Waddlin' in memory of Clemmie ATB 4/12/2006
  190. What do I do with this girl????
  191. Finally gonna do it!
  192. WoofStock 2006
  193. Help in VA PLEASE!!
  194. Basset Rescue
  195. Wantagh, Long Island, Howlaboo
  196. Look at this Guy!
  197. Basset Rescue needs puppy supplies or donations
  198. I remember we were talking about rescues a little while ago
  199. Any transfers from BC to SASK
  200. Fundraiser for Basset Buddies Rescue
  201. Golden Gate Basset Rescue
  202. Anyone looking for a cute Basset Baby
  203. misbehaved basset
  204. basset needing home
  205. Suncoast Basset Rescue
  207. When is a rescue not a rescue
  208. Here's Where Your Money Went
  209. 18 Bassets Puppies Need Your Help!
  210. For those still interested-the work goes on
  211. Snoods, Therapy Bags, and Beef Jerky! for BBR
  212. Video clip- nice
  213. closing Lamar-Dixon :Katrina update
  214. Pets Evacuation Act
  215. Calling All Southerners for a HOWL
  216. Homer needs a new Home
  217. Check these beautiful hounds out!!!
  218. update on Katrina rescue operation
  219. BHRG Bash shirts and ONLINE raffle!
  220. adoption
  221. A couple (?) to adopt
  222. Rescue team in Louisiana
  223. Looziana Basset Rescue
  224. Sad News...
  225. Blue Suede Basset Boogie
  226. Bullet needs your help
  227. Please Help Buford!!
  228. Bonded Pair Needs a Home
  229. Colonial Basset Rescue -Test Your Memory
  230. Update Bassets adopted
  231. Urgent** Hound needs home
  232. anyone from little rock
  233. Oscar needs a good home!
  234. Oscar needs a good home
  235. Basset's ears cut off - needs new home
  236. Reward offered for pilfered puppy (TRIBUNE-REVIEW)
  237. Two Bassets Need A Home
  238. Wooftsock shirts - buy a 2005 logo and get a 2004 logo f
  239. two new fosters here
  240. dissapointed in a local rescue
  241. Would you like to visit Margaritaville and help some hom
  242. Middle aged pair needs home
  243. I am sooooo frusterated
  244. EMERGENCY: Basset Mix in Griffin, GA shelter
  245. Basset in San Jose Animal Shelter
  246. Basset boy in Central California Shelter
  247. New at Bay-Mart: Woofstock 2005 T-Shirts, plus...
  248. Home Visit needed in Lynn, MA for NEBHR
  249. Urgent- Basset Girl in Tennessee!
  250. Anyone ever foster?