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Dozer-Digger, I hope you have a stockpile of supplies ready because it looks like it will be a while before y'all can dig out!!! I just saw the evening news and the reporter from Denver was covered in snow and the airport is closed.[/b]
I just stocked up on dog food, but I might have to dig down into the freezer after tomorrow.

It's a mess here. The Governor declared a statewide emergancy, and is sending National Gaurd troops to search for stranded motorist. Every highway in the state is closed, and the neighboring county is parking the snow plows until it stops snowing. The wind is blowing so much, that the snow just piles up behind the snow plows. I'm getting some small 12-18" drifts in town, but I heard there are 6-8 FOOT drifts out in the country.

By the way, I can't hardly keep the boys inside. They just came in, and are soaking wet. They rest and dry off, then head right back out again.

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