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It is normal to be seen as an unexpected behavior in pets. Even that we have spent most of their life with us, it is not necessary that we can figure out everything about what they want.

I went through a similar phase with my Ronny, He was behaving strangely when I decided to get help for his training. Because sometimes we might not understand what he is going through but a pet expert will know.

I took my buddy to Camp Bow Wow in Middlesex for training purpose. And they took him in for training till he was normal again. They fed him and trained him, when I took him home he was so happy and rejuvenated. I was happy to get my old Ronny back.

Nowadays even when I go out of town for work, i leave him in the safe hand of Camp Bow Wow. And i enjoy watching him on my phone, playing in their facility through the cameras.
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