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Originally Posted by Bournes251 View Post

Do you have any recommendations in the Oklahoma/Kansas/Texas area for the best ortho that has basset knowledge? We have a couple here in Tulsa but all have very little basset experience to my knowledge. I would at least like to have them look at it and get it scanned just so we can make sure it's not going to cause him a lot of grief down the road.

I'll send you a PM re my friend in Texas who may have a contact to recommend. I'd just say that when you get that bowing, let alone the knuckling over, arthritis may well set in at some point down the road. My current buy-in Basset suffered from premature closure of the growth plates which resulted in the ulna growing on and causing too much turn out, even for a Basset. But not that degree of bowing or knuckling over. At the time he was just under a year and had we opted for surgery, it wouldn't have ended there - he'd had needed more as he was still growing.

Obviously what's going on with your lad is a fault. We have a vet here in the UK who specialises in correcting a mal-formed front like that but he's hugely expensive (and most of the dogs referred to him are insured!), but he does manage to straighten a leg like that. I've watched him (he has a TV programme) do many of these and believe me, the dogs are in pain before he works his magic.
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