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Default Crooked Front / Knuckling

Hello All!

Our pup, Winchester, is around 1.5 yrs and lately, I've become more concerned about an issue he's been having with his front right leg. It's always been a bit crooked but around 8-9 months it got worse and it knuckles a bit now. He never has much trouble with it but he will occasionally get a little limp on that side if he's been playing hard all day with his neighborhood buddies. I asked our vet when we first noticed it and she said just make sure he's on a joint supplement and we would keep an eye on it. At his yearly checkup, I had her check it again and she said as long as it wasn't causing him any grief, we should let it be. However, I would like to get a good ortho to look at it as well to get a confirmation on that. A couple questions I have are, has anyone had experience with this? If so, did you do any type of surgery or let it be and what was the outcome of that in terms of lifespan, quality of life, etc? Basically, is the surgery worth the risk and cost. In the attached pictures it is a bit exaggerated as I tried to get him to sit like that so you could see it better. You can see how it is a bit unstable in certain positions but he's never had any issues tripping because of it, etc.

Sorry the pictures are sideways. I tried to rotate them but they keep turning that way (thanks iPhone).
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