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Originally Posted by Mikey T View Post
" I'd certainly avoid anything that's cereal-based, picking something that lists meat, or fish, as the first ingredient. And avoid anything that's high in protein. "

Totally disagree on a low protein food. In an active dog higher protein level have demonstrated to reduce soft tissue injuries and there is no know harm from a high protein diet, except in late stage renal failure.
As I typed my comment quoted here, I KNEW I'd be seeing some comment like this. You are nothing if not predictable.... I'm sorry Mikey but I have seen FIRST HAND the result of a puppy being reared on a product with 32% protein (and of course, accompanying high levels of other ingredients). With the Basset, something providing around 26% protein max. is quite high enough and I don't feed anything as high as that even, with adults. And I have produced generations of Bassets on a food that's low-ish in protein etc., and NOT CEREAL BASED, with NO 'soft tissue injuries' and certainly not anything like what I'm seeing in my buy-in boy.

OP, it's up to you. Find something that suits, and stick to it - more problems can occur when you chop and change the diet, than much else.

As for smell - looking at your dog with his 'dry' head and overall lack of wrinkle, I'd suggest what you are smelling hasn't anything to do with the often-seen yeast infection in the Basset. Bassets can have a 'traditional' houndy smell however which for some, is noticable. Don't bath him too often - you could make a bad situation worse. And do check teeth, ears, and anal glands - the common source of nasty niffs. Other than rolling in stuff

ps From my experience as a Home Visitor, with Rescues, they tend to know they've been given a second chance, and can be loving, loyal dogs (and cats). I'm loving the trusting expression your boy has.

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