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" but does smell I've bathed him but he still smells "

There are multiple areas beside the skin that can produce odor

1. ears / ear infections

2.mouth paradontial disease

3. mouth lip fold pyderma

4. anal glands

All Scent hounds have a distinct odor but it should not be obnoxious or pungent. Yeast infections smell like racid oil AKA frito corn chips. Bacteria infections ten to smell like dead fish. Anal gland are an odor all there own but tend more to the fish.

If it is the skin itself that smell you probably have a skin infection which can be caused by allergies, seborrhea, moisture in skin folds, etc. The most common skin infection in a basset are yeast/fungi. I always recommend consulting with a dermatologist when dealing with skin infections you save money in the long run because general practice vets are not very good at getting to the actual cause and only treat symptoms so the problem keeps coming back.

Using medicated shampoos for the actual type of infection. vinegar rinse, Listerine as between bath wipe can all help in treating and reducing odor.
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