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ps I have to say I have seen far worse fronts on a purebred Basset!!! Nice. Keep his nails clipped back.[/QUOTE]

LOL can't imagine who you might be referring too , agree also Hush puppies from a certain shoe company have appalling fronts & legs but sadly what many believe to be a 'good' example. I've also seen dogs in Charity listings & rescues listed as Bassets, that bear no resemblance to the breed.
As to food, it's a personal thing, used to feed commercial kibble & now raw feed & it would always be my preference. You'll never if rarely find agreement, with links & supposed research studies backing up their point of view. Do a little research, become interested in what you're feeding your dog & what's in commercial food, personally like to feed a varied diet which has certainly benefited our dogs past & present.
Some of us like oven chips, others microwave chips, we make our own, everyone is different!
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