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Default Adopted my first Basset! Housebreaking issues :(

Hi everyone! I am new to the forum and new to basset ownership! I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how I should go about housebreaking my new baby. I have been able to housebreak a puppy of a different breed before but she (my basset) is quite different. She is 7 months old and has been an outdoor farm dog up until we got her which was less than 48 hours ago. The trouble I'm having is that she just doesn't want to listen to me at all, she has a mind of her own! Whenever I call her she just looks at me, she won't follow me to the back door in order to let her out. As of right now Im am having to physically pick her up and carry her outside to try and get her to use the bathroom. I don't want her to think this is ok or get used to it. I know I need to stop doing it now but Im wondering if there are any suggestions as how I could get her to follow me through the house and get her outside on her own. Thanks so much!!
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I'd go right back to the begining as if she was a pup. Slip her lead on & take her outside, praise her when she goes, try taking her back to the same spot, from the begining when she goes use a phrase such as 'be busy'. Don't show anger or even that it's something wrong if she has a mistake inside, wash well with biological powder to get rid of the smell. Take her out as often as you think she needs, were lucky with our previously kenneled boy he asked to go out from the first evening but being slightly mad I did sleep on the floor just out of sight to ease the seperation anxiety & incase he needed to go out. Good luck

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Bassets will do almost anything for a treat.
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The trouble I'm having is that she just doesn't want to listen to me at all, she has a mind of her own!
This is perfectly normal for a Basset - may as well get used to it.
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Agree with all the comments above! Bassets are a stubborn breed & need to be calmly & kindly shown who's boss. Ours housetrained very quick, but still in the evening when we say 'out for wee wees' at bedtime he lies on the sofa pretending to be asleep with one sly eye watching us. For nearly 3 years he's done this every night and every night I have to go and pull him off and then he slouches slowly out the back door.

Good luck, I'm sure it will all come good. Patience and adapting to a Basset! I've grown up with them but it took my husband a good 6 months to adapt to being a Basset owner rather than just a dog owner. He'd only had Labrador/Collies before which was completely different & he did find being a Basset owner tried his patience sometimes.
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Beasley used to pretend to be asleep , When he was a puppy I would put the leash on him and he would get up and go out . Bassets are a different breed of cat . We had Labs before our bassets and they are night and day , I think you need to give him some time and maybe lure him out with a treat . It may take more time but I'm sure if you keep it to a routine you will make it
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And here I thought mine were the only ones that pretended to be asleep when it was time to go out and potty before bed for the night. Mine are 6 and they still do it. I have to nudge (gently at first) them before rolling them out of bed (by turning their beds over lol) sometimes.
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Awww haha. I shouldn't laugh. My boy is 8.5 months and he still don't listen to me. It must be a basset thing, but that's what makes them a basset
Your baby is in a new house now so just be patient and teach him like a puppy. Best of luck x

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Sounds right to me, all of the above behavior I have seen in mine. I had to house train her and she was a doozy. Gotta keep an eye on her and set the times yourself. It will happen eventually, though you may have to shampoo your carpets a half a dozen times afterwards.

Sissy will pretend to be asleep or just raise her head and look at me with one I when I call her. When she does get up she is slower than the second coming. She has such a sweet nature though that I could not help but be patient.
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I've trained my 6 mo old to use the bells. it is hit or miss somedays but he is catching on.
but you have to physically take their paw and ring the bell every time you go outside, when the bell is rung I say " good boy, outside!" i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Apotty%20chime[/URL]
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