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I love that story! We did a lot of research on before getting Hubert and remain great friends with his breeder to this day, but my husband found Eeyore for sale in a parking lot and impulsively bought him for me. He had a lot of health problems also but I 100% wouldn't change my lovey boy for anything and I can't imagine where he would have ended up - I know a lot of people wouldn't want to spend the money we have on vet bills and what not to see that he is all fixed up.
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I spent US$500.00 on a sweet basset puppy from a BYB who turned out to have canine glaucoma and went blind at age 6. Didn't matter, Francis and I were bonded for life and had 7 wonderful years together after that. Franny had every medical/genetic problem in the world but because he was my baby, we got through it all with joy and laughter and lots and lots of $$$. I ate a lot of ramen noodles so Franny could get his meds but on the whole it was completely worth it.
A year after his passing from a spinal tumor I'm in the market for a rescue because I now know that breeders are occasionally irresponsible and money driven and purchase is no guarantee of a healthy dog.
Francis's (ATB 8/8/11) Bevy
And now Albert's Bevy.
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I am so touched by your stories. I had no idea these situations existed. I don't know anything about my Buster, no birthday, nothing about parents, But none of it matters because he is home and we love him. I've had other dogs but always large bred outside ones, I can see that is not the case with Bassets. Thanks for sharing.
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Before getting our two we did research, or so I believed at the time & eventually went to The Breed club. Don't be deceived that because someone is very well known, highly thought of 'by some', has numerous champions, that their dogs are necessarily healthier or better cared for. Some will breed for themselves, checking health, character, background of dog/bitch (going back generations) used, perhaps having a litter every few years & keep a pup & their previous dogs as part of the family. Then there are those breeders that have 2/3 litters a year in the hope that a pup will get them back to Crufts & if not passed on, one of ours has over 300 half siblings!

The older dog came to us at 9 months, he was a run on & alarm bells should have gone off when we were offered him within minuets of entering the house, OH wanted to take him then but sadly I said no as we weren't ready. When we were informed of the next litter, he was again offered to us & so he joined us a couple of days later. Had been kept in a shed outside on his own, & found out since he would have been lucky to go out once in three weeks. The first evening OH turned the page of a newspaper & he ran from the room & found him throwing up, again we have found out that his training came with a rolled up newspaper. He is still wary of waving hands near his face but no longer cowers on the floor.

A pup shortly joined us - though to this day OH is adamant that he is not the dog we chose & yes we did take photos - I wont list he problems of the poor dog (I've done that under another thread) but over the years his medical bills have been & still are horrendous. A very lame little chap.

Would I change them, no, even though I was advised to return the pup, he was ours & no way was he going back to that house. I love them to bits, they are our family & our vet thinks I'm mad as I wouldn't have another breed.

I think finding a healthy pup, with relevant health checks & from someone who loves the breed (for the right reasons) & not the money or another champion is far from easy. Although I'm sure/hope there are many on this forum who have been fortunate & will disagree. Sorry if I sound cynical. In the future we would rescue, did try but they were very sniffy & since we've had these two have been offered 4 others, if only our pockets were deeper & had the room would have said yes.
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I'm so sorry you all,for the most part had bad things going on with your puppies some breed with the best intentions but that isn't enough.I'm glad most of you would rescue a basset,it gives me hope for those that do not have the caring homes I pick for my puppies. Temperament ,health,conformation,sometimes health and conformation can be tied together,most people do not think that they are but when you have a puppy whose legs are extremely crooked and they cannot walk properly it is affecting their health. So sad but I'm glad all of you would do it all again to have the bassets you have.
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Originally Posted by OliveOyl1919 View Post
Oh no, Worm! That sounds an awful lot like a puppy mill :/ Well, we're sure glad you made it out okay and that you're a good boy! I thought my two half-siblings were a lot. Good grief!

Olive is certainly one of those "attached" Bassets you mentioned. You should give her some lessons on independence! I'll pay you in peanut butter cookies

Olive, I missed your message! i will give u lessons anytime for peanut butter anytime!! it is one of my favorite foods. btw my person wants u to teach me how to be more snuggly and attached lol! now that they have Mr. Bo to compare me to, i appear quite aloof compared to him. he is a drama king when he wants pets and he's not getting them. and he will snuggle up close to the peeples. not me tho! i'm too bizzy doing other things to snuggle!

thanks Bubbad for your wise and kind message.

we always meant to post this link. see it is confusing. we see that people find 'legit' dogs on the site, like dogs needing rescue, etc. I was found on which i guess we thought was a legit place too?

so glad that people are willing to rescue, because guess what? there will always be basset hounds to rescue.

Here is the link:
Basset Hound Puppies for Sale

you will see that as of today, there are 242 basset hound puppies available for buying. that is pretty much the average. anytime i have gone to the site, there are between 200-300 basset hound puppies available at any given time. and i have been checking the last 2 years ever since i got Worm.

this thread makes me sad. i read our last post on it. when i do a location search, i again see that my breeder has yet bred again, again using my father (sire) 4-5 months ago. i often see older puppies on here from her, and now we see a couple that are 4-5 months old. ones that haven't been sold yet. we don't even want to think about what happens with the puppies that don't get sold. Worm had a full sibling from his litter that was, i guess sadly, not as good looking you might say? we noticed that he was available for a long time. we sure hope someone got him. but wondered what happened if no one did. we always wonder too if he will show up in the basset rescue group.

EVERY TIME we look, there is a litter from Worm's sire. i am guessing we are now more like at 150 half-siblings at this point. there are several of Worm's newest half-sibs on the site right now.
see what the Worm is up to:

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Wow! 150 half Wworms! thats a lot of confusion and funny stories.

Seriously it sound a little like a puppy mill to me.
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