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you will find that a genuine dislike for water is actual a breed parcularity in that the majority of bassets are not fond of water. I am not sure you can ever get her to like it. but these have been my observation.,

rain a basset dislike for rain I think is often a manifestation of humans dislike for rain for example if you normal go out with the dog to potty when its nice but don't when its raining it is not going to take the dog long to say its bad to be aout in the rain. To get a dog to be more tollerant of rain and puddles etc then you need to give the dog a reason to like the rain that mean take the time to play and have a good time with the dog out in the rain.

Wadding in a pool I can tell you from first hand experience this is not someting easily shaped or lured. Mariah who easily gets over heated at agility trials when the temperature is elevated runs much better and faster if she is kept wet all day to have the water act as an evaporative cooler and also a wet basset beget a basset 500 running as well which is not neceassirly a bad thing in agility. There is absolutely no way to get her in a wading pool without geting bit. I a hose her down with water spray but it is ussually with her choking herself at the end of a slip lead trying to get away. She is however tollerant of rain and will now walk through puddles instead of around them

baths besure to use a hand held shower head and adjust the temp to near body temp warm without being hot before it ever hits the dog 2. if it is the sound she is afraid of you can try this rung the shower find the distance she is not afraid of the sound of the shower have some one turn the water on an off Reward her with treat when the shower is running and not when it is off. Over time slowwly move closer and closer being carful to observer behavior and back off if she show any signs of fear. This is basic counter conditioning and densenitization which is more throughly explained in the booklet I recomended earlier "cautious canine" Though that booklet is specifical for fear of strangers but the techniques are realitively easy to apply to other fears as well. It does help to have a good knowledge and feel for canine body lanquage so you can pick up earier signs of fear. If you are not familiar I would recommend "Calming signals" either the book or DVD to help understand canine body lanquage especial as it relates to fear.

FWIW Mariah is fearful of strangers but unlike chloe she does not run away she is a biter. As a matter of fact when we first got her It became obvious she was punished for growling when she showed fear in this manner I had witnesses it with the foster home she was at. so she would bite first asked question later. Which is the calssic signs of a truely dangerious dog. It was only a year later that we were told had we not taken her she would have been put down. It would have been nice if they fully disclosed the behavioral issues. I spent two year rewarding her for growling before she would reliable use it as a signal to tell humans to back off she was not comfortable It is why a get a little peeve when people refer to growling as an aggressive act when in fact it is the dog comunicating trying to avoid aggression.

FWIW mine rarely get bathed there are a number of towlets that you can use to clean the dog without bathing or you can make your own. 5o/5o mix distilled white vingar and rubbing alcohol , and other clam listerine original works as well. Both are anti bacterial and antimicrobial so help with keeping yeast and skin infection under contorl if the reason for bathing is odor or skin problems related to allergies. That is the dogs allergies not a human allergic to the dog.

You need to learn to pick your battle with a fearful dog those thing that you can control through management are often much easier and simple to control that way and save the time and effort required for training on those things that you can not manage on a 100% consistent basis.

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