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Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I really love basset hounds, and have been wanting to get one for a few years. I've been reading this forum (silent observer) off and on for a while.
One issue I have is the smell that develops on the Basset hound skin.
More specifically, my better half has a very big problem with it. It seems like every basset hound we meet, after you pet them, there is a very strong odor left on your hand, etc.
How do you guys deal with this? Do all bassets have this? Can it always be controlled somehow (diet, etc.)? Is the trick to find a breeder who's bassets don't have an odour on their skin due to their particular genetics?
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Hi! I'm sitting at the computer with my nose stuck to Daisy Mae's skin and I don't smell anything. Poor Daisy thinks I'm crazy! She's only 5 months old maybe her "smell" will get worse as she gets older?! My sister-in-law told me about the strong "doggy" smell when I first got her but I haven't experienced it yet. Her breath smells bad, I buy her Breath Busters, and her feet smell, but all our dogs had smelly feet so we're used to that. After two years of no dogs and no smelly feet, I kinda of like having the smell around! I think when you love your dog you love his/her smell!!
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I have a 10-month-old female (Sadie) and a 5-month-old male (Max). I don’t' have any problem with the female smelling, the male sometimes has a smell but it goes away with a bath. I have read on here the they shouldn’t get a bath too often, some have said no more then once or twice a year. I could do that with Sadie, but Max needs that bath more often due to the smell. I have been trying to stretch the time in-between the bath out more and more each time so were not giving him too many. Even with the smell I don't think it's that bad, if it was they wouldn't be curling up in my bed with me or taking over my furniture like they do.
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We are on our second Basset and neither have been smelly Bassets. Bassets do have weather resistant coats with natural oil to shed water, because they are a hunting breed. We only bathe ours about every two months at the most, unless Bogie rolls in something outside he shouldn't. We brush every other day to keep loose hair off, and feed a high quality food. The only odor we have ever detected on either was the slight smell of freeto like odor. If you bathe to often the oil glands kick in overdrive , resulting in an oilier coat and more odor.
Odor often comes from their mouths, just like humans without dental care, and we brush Bogie's teeth about three times a week with the rubber brush that fits on your finger. We use vet dental tooth paste for dogs. Also odor comes from their ears which are prone to yeast infections, and basset ears do require cleaning of ear canal with ear cleaning solution to keep the ears odor free and healthy.
Others here on the forum may have other suggestions, as to genetics I have no idea on that. Bassets aren't for everyone, but if you do decide on a Basset you will fall in love with this wonderful loving breed that will keep you laughing with their antics, and keep you on your toes keeping them out of trouble. They follow their nose and are very prone as puppies to pick up any and everything and eat it. Having a young Basset is just like having a toddler in the home. Good luck with your decision and if you have any doubts look into another breed your better half will be happier with.
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I've never had a problem with my Bogie smelling. I bath him about once a month, maybe slightly less often, because after about that long he's usually beyond dirty due to all the rain and snow we get in Rochester. I've even had people comment that he doesn't smell anything like a hound smells like. None of the other hounds in my neighborhood smell though. I think frequent brushing and spot cleaning is the key. His breath really is bad though...
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The smell is often caused by ear infections, fungus or filled up anal glands.
If everything else is okay, they will also smell from the foder they get,
some manufacturers add up to 20% used deep-fry oil, making them smell
like fritos or McDonalds....

I didn't give Doris a bath for 6 months, and she still smelled good.
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Before I got my first basset, I saw two bassets walking down the street and of course I had to say Hi. As I was petting them I thought..."Oh boy, they can sure use a bath, they are STINKY". But then I got my Jake and forgot about the smell. I guess after a while you just don't notice the smell anymore.

Bath, quality food, healty ears and clean teeth sure help. Bassets smell, they shed, and they drool...but they are still worth it!!!! I actually LOVE the hound smell (I know, I am crazy)

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I noticed when we visited Jackson's mum and her pups that there was a bit of a whiff. And Jackson has got more of a doggy smell than our other hounds (sight hounds... not scent hounds).

Most of the smell has gone as he has grown so I guess it was a puppy-pack thing, thought he does have quite smelly ears and I am needing to clean them every week (icky brown waxy stuff) is this normal?
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Here is a poem written by Basset Rescuer Tom Green (not the actor)


When you enter somebody's front door
Where you've not been invited before
Your nostrils may twitch
To a stimulus which
It is only polite to ignore

It is faintly or pungently found
Any place that has bassets around
And stinkily scenty
To all congoscienti
Betokens the genus of hound

Fastitious folk soon get tired
Of the odor when deeply respired
For all but the strong
The Basset Hound pong
Is a taste very slowly aquired

Antiseptic deodorant foam
Can't stop it corroding the chrome
Defying detergent
It triumphs resurgent
As part of the fabric of home

When all that you own is imbued
With that which your bassets exude
Blow your nose like a trumpet
And like it and lump it
Or live in a the nude.
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Once the weather cools down my two Basetts don't really smell. They tend to smell worse in hot, humid weather. ( as does my house and car) As an owner I don't notice it, but family and friends comment about it in the summer months.
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