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Default Doggie Door/Housebreaking

Almost two weeks ago we adopted a 15 month old rescue basset. She had been living in an apartment and was apparently too noisy for the neighbors. She was said to be housebroken.

We have a doggie door going out to the lanai and one on the lanai out into the fenced yard . For six days Kona was great about going potty outside. And we were diligent in taking her outside via the doggie doors to get her use to them. She didn't have any accidents. Then exactly a week to the day, she started going in the house and on the lanai. We were still taking her out but she would just come back in without going. As soon as she was out of our sight, she would go.

Currently I am watching her like a hawk, taking her out when I think she needs to go, and keeping her outside until she does. And she has been good although today she had a couple of accidents on the lanai while I was at the grocery store.

My question is, how do you train a basset to use the doggie door when they need to go? She uses the doors fine when she wants to go outside and play in the yard with my daughter's basset, but hasn't seemed to make the connection between using them and going potty.

Our daughter's Bassett Leia took to the doggie doors like a duck to water. We've done the same things with Kona but she is extremely haphazard about it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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1. dog do not generalize a dog house trained in one house is not likely housed trained in another.

2. substrate preference .. You need to teach that first the feel of grass or whatever it is outside is the surface to go on then the begin to be expexxted to use the doogie door to do its business until that substrate preference is established you will have no success

ClickerSolutions Training Articles -- Housetraining Your Puppy
If you are clicker training, click and treat (c/t) as the urine stream ends. The click ends the behavior. OVER-REACT with joy when the pup goes. WOW!! Good Boy! Aren't you wonderful!! in a high pitched very happy voice. Be a clown for your puppy! Make him believe you think he is incredible for eliminating outside. Give him a treat and toss a ball or play chase or let him walk around and explore. You want him to learn that first he urinates, then the fun begins.
Since this is such an important part of training your pet, we use triple rewards, Praise, Treat and Play. Eventually he will go before you say the command. This is great!
The behavior behind this training: Dogs develop substrate preferences for eliminating. By substrate, I mean what they feel under their feet. In their first few weeks of life they need their mother to lick them to stimulate elimination. Around 4 weeks of age they begin to control this themselves. It is a self-rewarding behavior because it feels good. They associate this good feeling with the environment they are in at the time. This is about the same time they are walking well enough to go outside. If they are taken outside enough, several times a day, during this period of development (4 through 8 weeks) they will associate the good feeling of relieving themselves with the grass under their feet, the sky above, and all the smells and sounds of the outdoors. The tactile experience, the texture under the feet, becomes the cue.
If your puppy does not already have this outdoor experience, then you can provide it for him now, to retrain the "substrate preference" he has already learned. Take the pup out about once per hour. This is after play, eating, sleeping, etc. If the puppy can't hold his urine from the crate to the back door while walking, carry him for the first week or so. After a busy play session, take the puppy out, even if it's only been 15 minutes since he last went out. Physical activity produces urine. Inactivity slows the production of urine. This is why a puppy can sleep all night without wetting in the crate, but will urinate on the floor as soon as you let him out of the crate.
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Hang in there. Our last 4 Bassets came into our home as adults, and supposedly they were all housetrained. We had to start over with each of them. I treated each like a puppy, and took them out every hour I was home (crated when not).

It took a looooonggg time. They have all figured it out, and I don't crate anymore.

The folks on this forum are absolutely correct when they say it takes a full year before they really get it.

We're still struggling with getting them to go outside when it's raining.

Good luck!
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Kona has done pretty well this week. She's had a couple of accidents but they have all been on the lanai and not in the house. She seems to think going through one set of doggie doors is enough :-). We will keep plugging away. She is a smart dog but had the typical basset stubbornness. Plus I think she likes having company outside while doing her business!

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