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Default Lumpy-bump

Me has a small lumpy-bump on my skin on the front part of my neck.

if my person had to guess, she would think it's like a boil, or inflamed hair follicle, or acne or something...

but we couldn't remember... is it always good to get something like this checked out by vet? or ok to watch/wait?

my friend Jess unfortunately just had 2 mast cell tumors and needed chemo, she is a young one (there's a pic of her on my blog from the Easter parade recently). but we don't otherwise know much about it or how it looks on a basset.

what'd'ya thinks??

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If it looks like an ingrown hair follicle or something like that and if it was me I might just wait to have the vet look at when I was going for our shots, etc. Clementine has a lumpy on her side that's about walnut-sized and is a fatty cyst and my Mom's weenie dog gets them, too but they aren't as big. Maybe it could be something like that? In any case, I had Clementine's lump poked by the vet last time we were in and he confirmed that it was just a fatty cyst and he said not to worry about it unless it gets bigger.
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it is always best to have at the least a fine needle asperation done and check for cancer cells. Mast cell cancer often looks and feels like other benign lumps like lipomas and folicular cysts (often mislabled as sebacious cysts ) Have lost a dog to a very aggressive mast cell cancer that was misdiagnosed you can't be too careful

Mariah's mast cell surgery Grade 2 clean Margins been cancer free for 7 years
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Definitely get a check up. Probably nothing but as a Mikey T says get a fine needle aspiration done. Our male Basset Harry had a lump come up on his tail at 20 weeks old, when we mentioned this to other Basset owners in our club most were like 'oh I wouldn't worry, it'll just be a cyst in a dog that young'. However we did worry and had it checked and it proved to be a Sarcoma and very aggressive. Harry had to have his tail amputated and luckily over two years later he is fine and healthy. Saying that he did have another lump come up on his back. They again did a fine needle aspiration which showed it contain keratin and so was probably an ingrown hair follicle. We left it for 6 months but the vet had said if it started growing they would take it out as it's easier to remove whilst small. As it was growing we took Harry in and he had it out. It did prove to be a harmless ingrown hair follicle this time thank goodness. But Yes! I would always get lumps and bumps checked. Our vet said years ago it was almost unheard of to get Sarcomas in dogs under 5 years but sadly they see more of it now.

Good luck! From our experience the fine needle aspiration wasn't too pricey and gives them a good idea if it's going to be something nasty or not.
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my favorite article on Mast cell cancer Canine Mast Cell Tumors

. Sometimes mast cell tumors are referred to as "the great imposters," as there is no way to definitively identify them without a biopsy and pathology report. Mast cell tumors vary widely in their size, shape, appearance, texture, and location. It can be difficult not only to recognize mast cell tumors but to predict their course. They may be relatively innocent or aggressively malignant. As mast cell tumors are very common in dogs, it is important for the regular pet owner to have at least a basic understanding of what they are and how they work.
About two months after surgery Mariah had a small bump appear exactly on the suture line and pretty much center as well. This is classical of a tumor that reappers. The lump was two small for a fine needle asperation though it was attempted.. A second surgery and even more skin and muscle remove. Turned out to be an ingrown hair.
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