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Default Ear infections.

Hi all! I haven't been on here in a while because I have thrown my back out and let me tell you....three basset boys and a mommy with a bad back is not a good combo.

All my boys are doing great and the only issue we have been having is ear infections with Toby...we can not seem to get rid of them. I know a lot of the problem is his ears are HEAVY. They are thick with scar tissue from who knows what happened to him before we got him. They hang so close to his head that I think air is not circulating in there at ALL. We have been trying to get this cleared up so we can get him a dental but they have been so bad his lymph nodes are swollen and they don't want to sedate until its better. We had tried a couple different meds and a medicated ear wash but it seems like as soon as it is better he gets one on the other side. I have tried rigging his ears with ace bandages to stay on top of his head or putting a cloth headband on him to hold them up...I bet you can guess how good that turned out. Just curious if there is anything else I can try.
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has the infection actually been cultured to see what it is yeast/fungus or BACTERIA and if bacteria was it tested for antibiotic resistance. ?
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Would love to see the visual on the ace bandage strategy :-)
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Yes what has the vet said and what have you used in the ears or orally? I am now using ketoconazol it's a pill and I had never used it so I googled it and I'm not happy, it can cause liver failure but I am trying to do what my vet wants me too.

Not necessarily my strong suit but I am so sick of her ears. So the pill for 30 days and Baytril drops in the ears. I'm not always good about doing it every day...my bad.

It was getting better than I forgot for a few days and they are oozing a little again and I have doctored them good today. Oh and she said to keep cleaning them with my Clear Blue ear cleaner also.
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Have always used Thornit powder for their ears, don't know if you can get it over your way, but many people have had good results from using it.
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Baytril drops in the ears
you may want to talk to the vet about Using Tris and EDTA before it makes the bacteria more seceptable to the antibiotic.

Ear Infections (Otitis Externa)

Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a specific species of bacteria that is resistant to almost every possible antibiotic. It is common for ear infections to recur and over time, many antibiotics are used. The unfortunate tendency is for most bacteria to be killed off, leaving infection with the very resistant and practically immortal - not to mention especially smelly and pus-causing - Pseudomonas.
If one if lucky, a culture of the ear discharge will reveal that the Pseudomonas is still sensitive to oral quinolone antibiotics such as enrofloxacin or orbifloxacin. It should be noted that especially high doses of this type of antibiotic are needed to treat Pseudomonas in the ear and that inadequate dosing will just make Pseudomonas even more resistant. In other words, Pseudomonas must be treated definitively from the moment it is diagnosed; once it becomes resistant to oral therapy, treatment becomes vastly more difficult.

Oral therapy is generally combined with some kind of topical treatment. Fortunately there are several concoctions that should be useful though some your vet must mix personally.

EDTA is a binder of metals that are important to the bacterial cell wall. Tris is used to buffer the EDTA to a pH that is not irritating to the ear and to maximize the anti-bacterial effect. Using Tris-EDTA gives extra power to the topical antibiotics used concurrently.
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Fortunately, I have not really had to deal with ear problems (other than dragging thru food). I had one issue awhile back with Jake and the vet gave me some ear cleaner and antibiotics and it cleared it right up. Continue to use the cleaner (they don't really like it, it is cold and they shake their heads) I also regularly use baby wipes (like for diapers with aloe) to clean the usual food crud and whatever else gets in their ears. This seems to be working for me.

I hope you get Toby's issues cleared up.

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