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Default Help me plz!

Attention all Basset Hound enthusiasts/experts/long-time owners, I am in dire need of your help.

Here's the scoop:

I have always been a cat person, and after 22 years my boyfriend and I decided to get a puppy after the first of the year. Mind you, I have never owned a puppy or dog. JUST CATS.
So we found Cooper, our basset hound at the local pet store. It was love at first sight. We are truly head over heels for this pup.

We've had him for almost a week now, and he is roughly three months.
I know potty training won't happen over night, but it seems like there is NO progress being made. I don't know if I'm experiencing puppy phase, or Basset hound stubbornness.
How long did it take you guys to break in your basset? And what are some tips on how to do it?
Please for the love of god, give me some answers!

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Bassets are notoriously slow to housebreak, taking up to a year or more.

They are very much creatures of habit, so the main thing is to keep them from forming the wrong ones. This means they must be supervised constantly when loose so that you can stop them from peeing inside and take them out (with observation you will learn the signs that they need to go like sniffing and circling). They also should be taken out frequently, when they first wake, after eating and drinking, and after playing (activity makes urine). When you can't watch him he should be in his crate. When he goes out, you should be going out with him so you can reward him with praise and a treat when he messes outside.
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Hello! Harvey is my first dog too and it took him a while to get the house training thing. At first I was also a bit desperate since it felt like he wasn't getting it at all.. But like Soundtrack said if you just remain consistent and patient eventually he'll get it! I've also heard that males can be a bit more difficult to house train but having only had Harvey can't really compare..
We used to get funny looks from people on the street for the mini party we had when ever he did his business outside! praise is key but punishment for accidents won't get you anywhere! Good luck!!
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Default Help me plz!

Hello. My joey is nearly 5 month old now. At first I thought it was going to be difficult as he was peeing alot in house. But the key is to take them out all the every half hour.
Joey got used to it and no he hardly ever has any accidents in the house.

You just have to be patient because it can take a long time for them to get into routine.

I'm quiet lucky as he will sleep from 11pm till 7am without waking for a pee.
Best of luck to you and your puppy xx

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Default Toilet training

I have owned dogs all my life but like you this is my first time of owning a Basset. I was worried about toilet training and training in general due to the Basset's reputation of being slow to learn. However, my Basset (Digby) has made brilliant progress and very quickly. He will be 1 year old this month.
For toilet training I would suggest reading up on the crate method. I used this with Digby and had wonderful results in a short space of time.
Like Soundtrack said in the previous post try to learn the signals when the dog needs to toilet and take him out before an accident in the house. During rest periods and during the night I would put Digby in his crate. Dogs think of the crate like a den and they don't like soiling in their sleeping area. Digby whined during the night when he needed to toilet so I would put him on his lead and take him straight out the back garden. I picked a "command word" to use to verbally prompt him to toilet and used this when I saw he was about to toilet and used it when he was in the middle of toileting to reinforce the word then when he performed I gave a small treat and lots of praise. After this I put him straight back in the crate to let him know it was bedtime and not play time!
Bassets respond well to food rewards as they are notoriously greedy. I only used treats when he performed a correct action and this helped reinforce that if he did the right thing he would get a treat. I only used small low calorie treats as Bassets put on weight easily and you don't want him to become overweight!
I made a notice with all Digby's command words and put them up in every room in the house so that everyone in the household and visitors used the same words when trying to encourage Digby's good behavior. Everyone kept treats in their pockets and when he did a correct action he was rewarded. Never punish your dog. Bassets are very friendly and gentle in nature and don't take punishment well. Best trying to promote good behaviour and reward and praise. Your Basset will soon learn that he will be rewarded with a food treat if he does the right thing. If he does wrong just say "uh-uh" and withhold the reward. Be patient and make sure everybody is consistent and your dog will soon pick up on the things you are trying to learn him.
Always clean up any toilet accidents in the house straight away as male dogs will go back to the same place to toilet again if they smell they have toileted there before.
Good luck and enjoy your Basset. They are such friendly and loveable dogs with lots of affection to give.
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Default Help me plz!

They're right about them forming the wrong habits. We got Gandy at 6 months and he'd been exclusively paper trained. That was okay because where we live is so cold that for 3-5 months of the year it can be dangerous for him to go outside. The funny thing is he won't go outside at all. He will go on a long walk and hold it until he gets home to go inside. I've had bassets for 30 years, and that's a first.

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try to learn the signals when the dog needs to toilet
this is a bit of putting the cart before the horse but IMHO this is one are where often house training falls apart The owner has not had accidents for a while loosen management and without a clear method for the dog to use to tell them it need to go all of a suden accident start happening and the owner wonders were it came from and generally desides it is out of spite . So instead of trying to figure out a signal from the dog I recommend training one instead.

ring my bell
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We take him out frequently. And my other problem is, we can only vocally reward him rather than a food reward. He will NOT eat treats. I should say, he will not eat the treats we have for him. The brand is blue buffalo, they're like these little chicken bits shaped like hearts. So, I'm not sure if they are too hard for his little pupper teeth. What treats did you guys use while training?

I thought about boiling up some chicken and shredding it and using little bits of that for treats. Bad idea?

I also want to use the bell I've been reading about on other threads!
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may have missed this, but how old is the pup?

agree with the posts about learning to recognize the "signs" often subtle and also taking outside frequently.

we got ours at 12 weeks and seemed like all we did at first was scoop her up and take her outside, on lead and then right back in whether she produced or not.

consistency, patience and praise. you will get there.

oh, and congrats on the addition to your family
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Thank you cooper was born 10/28/12 so he's roughly 3months.
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