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Default Question about shots and vets

Maggie turned 4 in November and it was time for a visit to her vet. Her old vet sold the practice and this was our first visit to the new one. I passed on the Bordetella shot, her wellness exam was fine, good teeth, ears and she weighed 39 1/2 lbs. which they said was fine. Then came time for the rabies shot. She said she was going to give it in the rear leg and Maggie had always got it in the back of the neck before. I remember reading somewhere that injections in the rear leg could lead to problems so I asked her how much experience she had with Bassets. She said not much so we had the injection done in the neck. Does it make a difference and where should they be done and why. Also was not too happy that the new owners don't offer free nail clipping. Do most vets or was my last one just generous.
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sophie just got her 3 year rabies last week....right rear leg.

our vet hospital provides free nail trims when there for treatment as in annual vaccinations.

only time we pay for nail trimmings is when we bring the girls in just for that purpose.
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Don't know about the rabies shot but I wouldn't want them giving it in the leg, mainly because with all the extra skin on the neck have never had a lump form...maybe I'm wrong but it seems the chances of soreness would be in the leg. As far as cutting nails, my vet will do my beagle's for free, if needed, but she's never offered to do Barney's. She was a groomer at one time and guess she can spot a "tough customer" when she sees one..
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I don't recall any shots being given other than the scruff of the neck.

Free Nail Trims??? Never had that, but Jake is such a drama queen it is well worth paying someone else to do it. I am trying to get Ellie used to it, but its slow going... she is so wiggly and full of energy!

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It was my understanding that cats receive their rabies shot in the leg because of a relatively high incidence malignant tumors at the injection site - if it's on the leg, the leg can be removed. The neck, not so much. I gather that the incidence is much lower in dogs, but still a consideration, so now many vets are doing them in the leg as well.
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Mine have only ever had them in the back of the neck.
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There was a time rabies had to be given in the muscle ,usually rear leg or loin area.Given in the rear leg if a nerve is hit the dog can be lame for quite a while.My Vet now gives the rabies subq (under the skin )if there is a difference , one being a killed vaccine, as to, live vaccine, I don't know.
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Hi to you all across the water.
Is a rabies vaccination mandatory in the USA? Reading about it here in the UK see it is not advised before 3 months & then every 3 years, what other vaccinations do you give?
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It's mandatory for us here in the US---at least, it is in Kansas. The other vaccines are not "required", however they are generally recommended. Arthur has the bordetella, parvo-distemper, rabies, and canine influenza vaccines.
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As far as I know Rabies is mandatory in all 50 states because of an outbreak several decades ago. My guys have all the ones mentioned above.I get the bordetella because of going to shows or if they need to be boarded.I usually reccommend it to everyone who ownes one of my puppies,because they go so many places you want to be sure they are covered.Bordetella is not a shot it is given intranasel(spelling) through the nose, they inhale it kind of.
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