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I agree, what may be a great food for one dog could be terrible for another. Although MY opinion is that Beneful is a pretty crappy food for any dog (not meaning to be critical of the OP since they had no way of knowing and it was recommended by the breeder). There are some pretty expensive foods out there that I wouldn't feed my dogs because I consider them to be poor quality.
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I agree! Unfortunately for us we can't feed too much carbs so the food that works is a pricey one. TBH I am happy with it.
To the OP there are so many good quality complete foods ( especially where you live) and you can get free samples to see what they prefer. And as said Always go for large breed puppy formula.
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we have always had dogs on Hill Science Diet. Never had problems so never changed.

it's interesting just how many choices there are!
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Maggie eats Taste of the Wild and she loves it. We've tried all the different varieties of the dry kibble and she likes them all. It's kinda pricey, we pay @$50 for a 30lb bag, but that bag will last us two months because she only eats 1 and 1/2 cups per day.
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Any other suggestions!?

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I have been feeding my dogs the nutro ultra, little more pricey but seems towork well. I actually get mine delivered from i hate carrying that heavy bag and they deliver to my door! No problems with stool or gas with the nutro.
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There have been so many dog food recalls that is a little scary. Although I believe most have been because people are not careful in there thinking that kibble can and does have salmonella. And the people have gotten sick not the dogs.

I to am a believer that mixing it up is a good way to go. Now I have heard many an argument that it makes no difference, that that's not what causes allergies, maybe maybe not, but I also think even though they say the food is balanced why put all your eggs in one basket?

They have many, many arguments on a dog food forum I'm on about things like this. I personally am very confused there good arguments on both sides. But the one glaring thing to me, well two really is dogs that may get into something and then have stomach problems.

And the more I hear this, and I think these dogs just eat mostly one food all there life and that's all there stomach is use to digesting.

I really think a young dog can pretty much look good on even crappy food but after a long time things will show up. When Maddie came back to the shelter after nine years and I'm sure she was on crap food, she was over weight (no surprise) and her hair was that yellow red color. I put her on fish oil and a better food and she is dark red and shiny now.

And I have seen many old dogs come into the shelter and at neighbors looking like that. You cannot tell me that is not due to long time poor nutrition.

So I am a big believer in a good quality food because in the long run I think it will show up. And there are many choices so it is very hard. And the quality of ingredients in the food is another problem how do you know what that is. You can and I know people who have done this, write to the company and ask. Still it is some what of a guess.

Now most know 2 of my dogs get raw. But the 2 I feed kibble, a little raw sometimes and I put a topper on there kibble I have for the moment gone with smaller company's. I am switching between Natures logic and Fromm different proteins. I am having no problems with it and they both look wonderful, well I think they do and Maddie is or is coming close to 13.

Another company that is coming to the forefront of my research is Dr. Tims. If I were to feed it I would have to order it as I have never seen it around here. But he is on this dog food forum and seems like a very nice fellow. There are allot of the sled dog world feeding this as there base food.

I would never feed a food that has corn as one of the first ingredients. Not a fan of it in dog food at all.

One of my sisters is feeding Taste of the wild and has said her dogs look better than they did on California Natural. I have fed this food before also.
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Kezzie the Basset: You asked about suggestions for dog food. There are many out there, just do some research and decide on the $$ you are willing to spend on dog food. The top quality dog foods are generally pricey and many are offered only at Pet Food Speciality Stores and not at local super markets, etc. These sites are a good guide and offer lots of links to different types of dry kibble.

Dog Food Comparison, Ratings, Reviews - In-Depth Guide to the Best Dog Food is a link to one of my searches to find a quality grain free food for Bogie.

Another good source but does require a subscription to their magazine which has lots of wonderful information:
Best Dry Dog Food
Unbiased Dry Dog Food Reviews All in Whole Dog Journal Magazine

Another site that compares and rates dog foods.
Dog Food Reviews and Ratings | Dog Food Advisor

We now use Eagle Pack Holistic Select Grain Free Dry Food and Fromm Grain Free Dry Dog Food. We alternate the two brands for variety. Bogie had some skin issues and they have cleared up; he poops less often with much firmer poop and his anal glands have greatly improved; his coat is beautiful again; and he does not have any odor unless he rolls in something stinky.
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Originally Posted by Kenziethebasset View Post
Any other suggestions!?

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wait, that's not what you meant is it?
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