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Boomer was 4 months old when we got him. He was a rescue puppy, so little to no prior potty training. He was almost 7 months old before he finally stopped having accidents. He's 7 1/2 months old now; hasn't had an accident in weeks. He seems to have it down now.
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Hi I've not read through all your replies, so I may be going over 'old ground'. What leaps out at me is you are waiting for him to do the asking! Don't!! Even when he's much older it's YOU who should be dictating when he needs to go outside, based on when he last went. Actually it's normally easier to get a male to empty, peeing at any rate, because of the inclination to mark where any other dog has gone, once he can go out off your property. Bitches don't do this

So get down to taking him out regularly so to avoid his 'need' to be emptying indoors. When you catch him in the act, and I do realise with a baby Basset especially that you often don't see it until he's moved off , correct him, but don't shout or hit. Just say ah-ah and get him outside. When you find a mistake, just clean it up without comment. He'll be watching, and noting your body language. When you take him out and he empties, go nuts with the praise. So it's clearly obvious that going outside makes mum happy and anywhere else doesn't.

NO PEE PADS! Ever. This only tells him it's okay to empty indoors. And certainly not in his crate. Your aim should be for the crate to be the very last place he poohs or pees in. And if he's going in there, you are not getting him out often enough. Once he learns that even if in his crate, you will be letting him out frequently, he will start to learn to hold until you do.

With poohing, it's easier. On 3 meals a day, he should need to empty 3 times, + one, with a normal stool. Obviously with diarrhoea, this can't be controlled. Take him out first thing and he should have a BM and a pee. Feed his breakfast and take him back outside to either just pee, or have a BM if he didn't first thing. Crate overnight - but plan on getting him outside once during the night as, although by 14 weeks he should start to be able to go through the night, he needs to be given the benefit of the doubt so he doesn't mess in his crate Digestion in the dog takes roughly 4 hours, which should help you work out his need to have a BM.

I've never had a problem getting mine house-trained (other than one puppy b itch who it turned out, had urinary tract problems), but it needs persistence, and consistency so the message gets through And never forget that his mistakes are your mistakes.

Apologies for the length of this but I hope some of it helps.
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Your pup is still a baby with a very small bladder so don't expect to much from him. You are on the right track, but you must be vigilant about taking him out upon waking up, after eating, after playing (activity gets them excited and they pee). Bassets generally take longer to be trustworthy in the home, because they are slower in maturing than many breeds. Slower maturity means slower to achieve bladder control.

Bogie rings a bell to go outside. Hang the bells on the doorknob, etc. at nose height. Each time you take him out lead him to the bells and gently take his head and have him nose the bells so they ring. Open door go outside and reward with a treat. When he potties outside another treat. After he learns this and gets reliable with the bell ringing (several mnonths), we cut out the bell ringing treat and Bogie only got treats for potting outside after ringing the bell.
Visitors to our home are amazed when they hear the bells and we tell them that's Bogie wanting to go outside.
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Is he still too young and at an age that he can't hold it or should he have got it by now?
LOL I have not seen a basset younger than six months of age that was what I would consider house trained and 1 year is typical. They are natoriously hard to house train. My therory and emphysis theory is they as a breed are much slower to develop sphincter control necesary for housetraining.
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Is it normal for them to pee when wanting attention? I swear that our little girl does great when we are home all day like this past saturday. But yesterday we had to run to town, about and hour away to get her food, and the rest of the day she had serveral accidents but only seemed to happen when either the wife and I were busy. They would also happen minutes after she just went outside. It gets so fustrating to see a little mark on the carpet right after she peed outside.
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Our oldest basset Monty was hard to house train. I kept telling myself that Mikey was right and he just can't hold it. He is almost 1.5 and still will pee on the floor, though rarely, if he either doesn't want to go outside or really wants attention. Try not to get too frustrated and just remember that many a basset owner have gone through the long process of training a puppy.
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They would also happen minutes after she just went outside
repeate to times slowly "activity make urine" if the dog is active is ti going to need to go muh more frequently that if it is resting or sleeping. A puppy needing to go every 10-15 minutes when active is common .
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Most of you are expecting too much too soon out of puppies (any dog under 1 year of age at least) most pups may seem housebroken only to regress at some point ,this is normal.No puppy should have run of the home at all,each mistake made sets you back. Tether the puppy to you if you cannot keep track of where he is,this way you can run him out if you see him going.Realize most of the mistakes are yours not his
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Hi would have thought getting him to use the bell (though a great idea is a little early).
Always blamed myself if a pup goes in side, clear up don't make a fuss, don't tell him off (sorry but your fault not his), make sure you really clean up with a biological powder or something similar to get rid of the smell or he will be drawn back, take him out side don't just put him out, praise him when he goes, take him to the same spot, use words like 'be busy' when he goes so that in the future will go on command, wouldn't use 'good boy' LOL as in the future he could associate it with going.
He's 14 weeks, I'm really taken aback on this forum at the expectations on pups to be housetrained in weeks, it can take six months or longer. be patient don't get angry. Enjoy & expect to spend alot of time on your knees, we soon forget the joys of owning a pup.
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