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Default Your basset

I bought my wife her basset due to her having some old memories with her dad watching The Fox and the Hound. At first she wanted a blood hound but than she saw my aunts and saw how big it was and decided to get a basset instead. I am so glad that this was our first dog. Why did you pick a basset?
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Oscar (21 pounds mixed breed, mostly schnauzer looking like a Doxie) came into our lives 8 month ago and being a rescue, he has several congenital defects and no one had taught him any manners. We spent about 2-3 months taking him to obedience training classes and made sure he fits right in. He is a great dog, love the children and very friendly to everyone. We decided we have enough love for another dog but our requirements for a 2nd dog are much higher. The breed has to be able to get along well with children and canine, not too demanding. I was basically looking for a bed hog. Did some research and decided that a Bassett seemed like the right choice for us. Emma is everything we wanted so far. She is super friendly, loves the children, cannot live without Oscar and is so sweet. But of course along the way, I realized that she is not what the typical description of a Bassett is....lazy, low energy, etc. Emma is smart, always busy, stubborn and manipulative, but we wouldn't trade her for anything in this world. We love our canines dearly and will do anything for them!

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I've just always loved them.

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I'm same as Catherine I've just always loved them. When I was young my grandfather used to work at a kennel where he looked after a huge pack of foxhounds. I always loved going along with him to watch him feed them etc. since then I just loved hounds. When I first seen a basset I fell in love with there loving nature, good temperament and them mahoooosive paws x

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I just always loved the look of bassets and blood hounds.

Years ago I "rescued" one that was roaming around on a very busy winding road. Pulled over and the big lug got right into my car, took him home, gave him a bath (he was really really stinky!). He had no tags but was obviously someones pet. a real sweetheart. I started asking around about who had a basset, put up fliers in the local country store (it was kinda' rural area at the time). It took about a week for the owners to contact me. They were thrilled to find him and that he'd been looked after. I hated to see him go! From then on, I decided that I would own a basset.

My first dog (Sophie) was a pound puppy, shepherd mix. Best $50 I ever spent! After I got married, my first Christmas present from my husband was Jake and its been (and will be) bassets from now on.

I just love how great their personalities are, sweet, goofy, love to snuggle, love to play, great with everyone, never met a stranger. However, not the best guard dogs

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The truth is I really wanted a Beagle, based on early experiences of going on family holidays in the Lake District (UK) staying on farms where they usually had a Foxhound in kennels there, over the summer season when they weren't hunting. Foxhounds would have been too big, so a Beagle seemed the next best - UNTIL I happened on a Basset out walking locally and was quite literally smitten. Seemed the perfect solution to not wanting something that yapped, but not wanting or being able to have, something big. Turned out my first two were males and around 80 lbs once mature!!

It so happened that we lived close to one of the leading Basset (and formerly Bloodhound) breeders of the time, so it was pretty obvious that my first came from her - but not until we could afford for me to stop working, at least for 6 months to get him sorted out As is usually the case, once bitten, and actually finding out that we didn't have the next Crufts BIS on our hands, I joined the BHC, and Branch and met up with somebody who had a lovely male she was showing. She took me under her wing and let me book pick male pup from her next litter - and I persuaded her to do a repeat mating of the one that produced her lovely boy. Turned out he wasn't quite as good, but having moved to Canada in the meantime, he did achieve his Can.Ch. And so it started ..............
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I wanted a dog but didn't have a particular breed in mind at first. When I felt like it might be a good time to get a dog (my husband and I had bought a home, our human kiddo wasn't a baby anymore, our old cats had passed away and we had younger ones who seemed more open to the idea), I started asking my husband about it. He didn't seem so sure at first.

Then one night we were watching Columbo on Netflix, and saw an episode with his Basset Hound named Dog. My husband turned to me and said, "If you can get us a dog like that, then we can have a dog."

So I started reading up on basset hounds and learned that they are not as lazy as the one we saw on tv, but they still sounded like a dog we would like.
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When I was growing up our next door neighbors had the most adorable basset named Smoky Brown and I always wanted one after that.
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My husband always wanted one because of the movie Smokey and the Bandit. Once we bought a house and started talking about a dog and learned more about bassets they seemed like the dog for us. Now we have two wonderful boys.

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I got my first basset as a Christmas present from my sister. I love allot of breeds of dogs and would like to have many different kinds.

Right now I have a basset, pitbull, bullmastiff and a basset/redbone mix. I want a greatdane some day. But I do believe I will always have a basset in my life, they are just so funny and cute.
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