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My family had bassets when I was growing up, when I was 14 our last basset was stolen out of my grandmothers yard, so we got an american bulldog. Fast forward 10 years I had just gotten married and bought a house so I decided it was time to get another dog. Originally my wife and I had decided on an american bulldog because she hated bassets. She thought they were ugly and refused to consider getting one. So I found an american bulldog to adopt, but I had also found a basset that I wanted just in case the adoption of the bulldog fell through. Well the owners of the bulldog gave him away out from under me the day I was going to pick him up, so I made a detour and went and picked up fred. At first my wife wanted me to take fred back, and was upset with me for getting him, but she soon changed her mind, now bassets are her favorite dog. She loves them so much that for our first wedding anniversary she wanted a girl basset, so I contacted the georgia basset rescue and got pickle.
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When I was a child many many years ago my best friend's family had a Basset 'Sam', he showed little interest in us girls but there was just something about him that I've never forgotten. When I married some years ago we decided on getting a dog, three breeds were discussed, Clumber, Sussex & Basset. It was always important to us that the time & circumstances had not only to be right for us but also for a dog to join us., had the opportunity to give up work & having 'worked' on my husband decided on a Basset. Many breeders we contacted were very sniffy, tried Basset rescue & they were even worse so went to the Breeders club, well being green as grass thought we were in the right place but now realise you have to very careful there too. Anyway we have two boys, cousins almost a year a part, Lucas & Otto, they have had & still have more than their fair share of problems, which is why I probably come across on the forum as being overly cautious BUT we love the breed more than ever & can't imagine living without a Basset as part of the family. They are hard work but have always believed that the more you put into something the more you get back, but it dose help to have a good sense of humour .
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When my wife and I got married she had an older poodle. All of my pets were gone except an older cat that was living with my daughter. We started talking about getting another dog but couldn't seem to agree on the breed as she wanted a small dog and I wanted an Irish Setter. One day I went to the library and picked up a few books on dogs. I had always thought Bassets were cool looking dogs but never even met one, just in movies and TV shows. We decided the Basset might be the dog for us, did our homework and finally decided on a Basset. No breeders around here and the rescue was going through changes so no help there. Finally found a backyard breeder in California about 5 hours away and now I know we got lucky as Maggie is in great health with no problems yet. Then we fostered and failed Daisy, and now up to 3 while fostering Copper.
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We were heartbroken when Boomer, our 17 y.o. Springer Spaniel died. I decided no more pets but after six months I realized life is just happier with a dog. We don't have the energy to keep up with a Springer now so I took an online quiz to see what dog might be a good fit. Top three recommendations were Rottweiler (too big), Clumber Spaniel (none in our area), and Basset which sounded pretty good. I researched, lurked on this site and spoke to Basset owners before deciding. Simone is perfect. She loves children, likes to cuddle, walks me daily, and makes us laugh every day. I would have never thought of a Basset without that quiz.
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wanted a bloodhound. Hubby said no. Got basset. Now hooked.
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I went to the Dogs Trust thinking I wanted a little Terrier/mix. And there was Lula 10 weeks old (and btw about to go to BHW). My best friend when I was a kid had a great huge Basset, named George and he was always at our house - we had lots of Shelties and he was this lovely big old soul thing... 14 years later we have three...I am listening to them sleeping i.e. snoring now and there really is nothing like them. Can't wait to have more.
Isabel b.2005, Margot b.2006 and Georgia b.2014 Tallulah 1998-2013 (always with us),
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My fiancée and I were talking about getting a dog after we moved in our brand new house.. Found a breeder two hours from where we live.. And decided to meet them at Starbucks to see a 12 week tri colored basset who we fell in love with.. The breeder decided to bring her lemon colored sister with her for company during the ride.. She described them as "inseparable" ...soon as we both saw them.. I begged my fiancée to let us bring both home... And he couldn't resist .. So now we are stuck with two divas who basically rule the house!!

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We had three bassets growing up, Jedediah Bonehead, Spirit and Ezekiel Paddlefoot... lol... they were always a barrel of laughter and fun and such love. When I met my husband 8 years ago, he had his beagle / lab x (Sadie)-who is the sweetest and greatest dog I have ever met, I decided to get a puppy. Looked up a breeder, talked to them, waited for a litter and now I have my goofy irritating soulmate - Noba!!
Mom to Oda Nobunaga aka "NOBA" - 7 year old basset hound!

Loving a basset hound takes great patience, but is the most rewarding experience in the world!!
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I love all these stories... the theme seems to be the manage to worm themselves into our hearts. Then again, who with a heart can resist these lovable clowns!

If it wasn't for county restrictions (and my husband to some extent) I would probably be that Crazy Basset Lady! I know I could fit a few more in the bed, on the couch....

Sophie (ATB (1996-2010)
Abby (ATB 2010 - 2012)
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My husband had wanted a Basset all his life, and when he saw a friend's female Basset, he fell in love. The friend decided to breed her Basset, and we got first pick of the litter. It took us a few visits to decide, and when Maddie was 8 weeks old we brought her home, where she immediately took over our house and hearts.

I was reluctant to get a dog, especially a puppy, as I had not had a dog for many years, and I would be the one home with her most of the time. I did lay down some ground rules; I wanted a female, and she would be crate trained.

It was exhausting to get up every 2 hours at night to take Maddie outside, but I did it! She had very few accidents in the house. We must have done very well with puppy proofing the house and crate training her for her first year too, because she has none of the maddening behaviors Bassets do, like counter surf, get in the trash, chew things she's not supposed to, have strict feeding times, etc.

All in all she's a lovely Basset, and a great addition to the family. I will always want a Basset hound now.

So, is it voice? Or just the face
that captures me, and haunts me so.
Or, am I meant to never know?

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