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Molly had separation anxiety when she came home with me, too. She cried for 3 days because she missed her parents and sisters, but each day was a little less. My teaching load was pretty light that semester, so I only left her alone for 2-3 hours a few days a week. Still, I worried about the crying and the overall anxiety it created for her. Definitely do short bursts of leaving Einstein. Go upstairs and leave him downstairs. When he stops crying, come back. Hopefully, he will stop in that short time. I got Molly over Labor Day weekend, so I had about 4 or 5 days with her. She still cried a bit, but a good play session before I left, along with my t-shirt (which you already know to do) and she was ok. Eventually she didn't cry at all. I never crated, but crating is a very good idea. Molly wasn't much of a chewer, except for her toys. I never felt the need. Most dogs need it, though, and it will give you peace of mind that Einstein is ok while you are away.

Congratulations on your new baby and good luck
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We don't have a crate or anything like that. He is a bit spoiled. He has a luxury bed in the front room and also a bed in the kitchen/dining area. When myself and partner are both out we put him in the kitchen and he never messes up, he always waits till we are home then he will do his business outside.
He is 4 months now and we have never locked him outside, we always go outside with him when it's toilet time. The only time he's not keen on outdoors is when it's raining.
My partner is in the Army so he is away all the time. I have taken time out to look after my pup until next month I will be back at work casually so I won't be away from him for long periods every day. In the mean time I have been leaving the house for about 2-3 hours every other day to get him used to being on his own.
It breaks my heart when I leave him but I don't make a fuss of him and after a few minutes whimpering he gets into his bed.

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All good suggestions. But I would just use it as an excuse to get another puppy, two is better than one. Ok my bad, but really I would, they are so fun to watch play together.
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Originally Posted by FranksMum View Post
I'm almost scared to come here with my answers to all this, but what the heck - it's all about the Basset after all.

Fact is the Basset does not do well living a solitary life, so I hope you realise that if you plan on leaving him alone for more than 2 hours right now, he's going to kick off big time. When we had our first hound, it wasn't until I could stop working, which I did, for 6 months to get him sorted out and through the baby puppy stage. I went back, part time - 3 hours mid-day. He went back to NOT being housetrained, to tell me what he thought about the new arrangements. I ended up taking him with me, and leaving him in the car which was fine because this being over the lunch hour, with a shady car-park too, all the staff went up to sit with him, or take him for a stroll during the 3 hours. Perfect.

Please don't shut him outside. He needs to be with you.

I also think, with the proviso that no puppy should be in a crate during the daytime for longer than 2 hours, a crate is going to be better than an ex-pen. And get a big crate - one he can still use when he's adult if needed. I don't subscribe to a small area because until he can physically hold, and leans that he doesn't need to 'go' in his crate because you will be letting him out regularly, he will just empty in there and in a small space, be forced to lie in it. At least if he has the odd accident in a big crate, he can get away from it. He'll soon be big and heavy and well able to move an ex-pen all over the place. And you would have to dog-proof your house - he's NOT teething at 8/9 weeks. His baby teeth would be there by around 3 weeks, which is when weaning starts because they can chew solids. His adult set won't erupt until he's around 4, maybe even 5 months.

I hope you can sort out him being left when you both have to be out at work. Otherwise you are in for a bumpy ride with a Basset.
Couldn't have put it better & knowing me, wouldn't have been as tactful. You have a puppy that has 'just' left siblings & Mum, he's a baby he needs you. No pup should be shut out on his own, especialy a Basset, he is part of your family not something to join you when it suits your timetable. Franksmum says ' otherwise you are in for a bumpy ride with a Basset', sorry I'd say, your pup is in for a bumpy ride with you .

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I agree too with crate times - sorry LOL I sounded like a real meany and bring my poor puppies up in a cage - very much the contrary!! I use an Xpen (that can be secured to the wall) with them as young pups for times I leave the house (no more than a few hours) or when you can't give full on supervision. Otherwise they are with me as they should be as babies! Personally I don't use cages after they're housebroken and graduated to a room, more rooms, the house. It is really important to do some crate training as a pup it makes cage rest for an illness or an injury a lot less stressful.
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"Franksmum says ' otherwise you are in for a bumpy ride with a Basset', sorry I'd say, your pup is in for a bumpy ride with you ."

You are, of course, quite right
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Im so proud of my boy today! Today was the first time we left him home alone while we are at work, and luckily I only work about 10 min away from home. So I went back after about 2 and half hours to check on him, and he was fast asleep.

I closed off a nice little space for him in the kitchen where he can't get into too much trouble, and left all his toys, an old t-shirt of mine that I wore yesterday, a radio playing soft music as well as a clock that I wrapped in the T-Shirt, and he looked very content when I left him

I even bought one of those puppy kongs and stuffed it with a treat, and one that he can get out easily and he was busy munching away and playing with it.

Can't wait to go home again in about 2 hours time to see how is doing ! We are also looking at adopting an older female dog so he doesn't feel too alone.
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My puppy is 13 weeks now and the first week or two when we left him he howled and whined for a few hood hours. Now when we leave him he is as good as gold and isn't making any mess, just hope it keeps like this

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