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Poor baby girl. I would go with the spray (not the tazer...although there are some nasty dogs...) but I would prefer a spray that is just irritating rather than something that can hurt them. I feel its not the dog, but a shitty owner.

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Research the tazer before you buy:
1. is it legal in your city and/or state?
2. tazers are designed for use on human. What will the charge do to a dog? Don't want to kill the dog.
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Man that's rough. Spray hell, I'm mean I would have a whip or stick and I would give a good whack. And I'm not kidding.

There is something wrong with that border collie if it went after her in her crate. I know border collies and they don't really like other dogs allot of the time but to go after a dog in it's crate is a little much.

Sounds like it is frustrated. Like pitbulls most people shouldn't own one. They need mega exercise. That dog needs a job.

Poor PB I hope things get better soon.
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Don't worry I wont get a tazer. (I hate it when lightheartedness doesn't translate via type.) I was teasing. I don't think I'd even get pepper spray because it would hit PB.

We've been super busy working basketball tournaments this week so no running yet, but PB has got an awful lot of therapeutic cuddles in the training room.

She doesn't seem to be as nervous anymore but she does slowly peek outside, look to the left & right, before going potty now. I don't blame her.

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