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Default Has anyone seen this on a basset before:

She was on AntiB's for 3 weeks due to yeast infection of the skin. (Therios 750mg). Then the DAY after she came off the AntiB's her fur started falling out . We have been back to the vets and she is BACK on the antiB's and I have been told to try and pull and lose fur out, which is difficult as this area is really hurting her

I was hoping someone might have an idea what it is.

The vet definately said pull out any lose hairs as she said it MIGHT stop the spread of infection (sorry should have put it in my main post but as many know I'm not that good at explaining myself). She's not scratching or licking it. She is only crying (or trying to pull away) when the main bit is touched. She did have cream for the area but it wasn't working that why she is on antiB's and no need for a collar as she isn't that bothered by it. Have just spoken to a veterinary nurse and she has said to phone normal vet in the morning but in the mean time use a soft brush or use just water, and continue with antiB's and also bathe once a day in the malaseb not with hibiscrub as if that isn't rinsed off properly it could cause irritation.

Thankyou all for your replys hopefully get some more advice tomorrow off the vet and she is seeing the vet on thursday evening again. But it just seems to be getting sorer (not as much fur coming out in clumps, just little bits now but the area has got worse). feel so sorry for my little girl
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omg that looks like it hurts
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it doesn't seem to hurt her that much only when touched bless her

Got the vets in a couple of hours again. They are going to clean it up a bit and maybe shave it so we can get a better picture of what it looks like but the vet is baffled.
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That looks bad. Haven't dealt with that, but I suggest that if you aren't getting answers or results from your vet, a new vet might be in order. Hope she gets better though! Good Luck!!!
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Oh that poor girl. I'm just going to give you a what I would do if she were my dog. If the vet is not sure about it. This is obviously an allergy to something if she was on antibiotics for yeast infection. So and this is not easy to find what they are allergic to, but if it was me I would start with her food. What do you feed her.

You probably need to get her on a limited ingredient food and maybe a much better quality food depending on what you feed her. Get something with a protein source she hasn't had before. Get a pro biotic because if she has been on antibiotics for a while it may have killed all the good bacteria in her stomach.

And I would get some colloidal silver to put on that back and defiantly shave it so the hair doesn't get in the sore.

Any way that's my 2 cents, good luck. If you want feel free to Pm me, I am not an expert but I do have a go to girl that is very good with natural stuff.
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Bathing once a day with Malaseb onto broken skin strikes me as a little too much, do you water it down before hand, how do you apply & rinse off? I've used malaseb in the past for yeast but stopped as find it very very harsh, stripes the coat & remember reading somewhere once that gloves should be used when using! Not had broken skin like your poor girl, poor poppet she must be so uncomfortable. As for pulling out loose hair well, probably wouldn't be doing that either especially brushing around a wound like hers, it's only going to cause her more discomfort, disturbing healing & if you're regularly bathing the area can't understand how it would be the cause of spreading yeast (unless from the brush) - could be wrong? I'm a paid up fan of hibiscrub, but I would never apply it neat & only use a couple of drops in a bowl of cooled boiled water & gently pat/bath with a sterile hankie 2/3 times a day, no need to rinse. If she's on AB's would have thought that would be enough for the time being, creams tend to keep it moist & allowing air to get to it would assist to dry it. Hope it improves soon.
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I would ask the vet to swab the wound and get a culture. That way they can identify for certain what organism is causing the infection. This way they can treat with a specific antibiotic or yeast med. I would also suggest a second opinion from another vet just to cover your bases.

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You may want to see a dermatologist.
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Poor baby girl! You hadn't mentioned anything about the sore being cleaned out (flushed). getting a culture sounds like an excellent idea to me along with a 2nd opinion and/or dermatologist.

Sending hugs and belly rubs (as long as they don't hurt)

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Looks like some dead skin there ,did this start as a hot spot? Any place else with this much damage.If she has been on antibiotics (big guns antibiotics) you may want to get a second opinion. Did they do skin scrapings for mites?
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