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Although I respect the breeders on this site, I disagree with the "put them down" idea. Dogs like this can become great dogs. Woofus is a prime example. He was a red collar dog at Daphneyland for 2 years (any red collar means you cant even pet them), and when we got him it took another 2 years of serious problems that we decided to take on. I'm talking some pretty serious aggression issues. Now, it's been about 1 year since we've had a problem. Yes he's still an "A**hole" but it's part of his personality. I'm super glad to see that you found a rescue, let them work with him and see what happens.
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Great job on rehabilitating such a challenging dog- I'm sure he appreciates all the hard work you have put in. I don't think any one of us who mentioned euthanasia as a possible outcome wanted to see this cute boy put down, but in the absence of a good rescue or behaviourist with the skills and resources to deal with a dog with people aggression issues, this is often the most responsible option. I am glad that the OP found a rescue that was willing to take him on. At least that way, hopefully, the dog can get the help he needs. The impression that I got from the first post on this thread was that the OP was trying to rehome the dog herself, which despite the best intentions, is a recipe for disaster. Evidenced by the fact that she is having to make this decision, she does not have what it is she needs (Whatever that happens to be, in this particular case) to be able to help the dog herself, so how is she supposed to be able to find someone else who does? In my case, I really wish that there had been a rescue with the skill set needed to rehabilitate Austin, that the lady who gave him to us (off of kijiji) could have contacted and let them help him find the best possible home. Unfortunately, there isn't really one in my city, at least not that I could find.
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Originally Posted by bubbad View Post
This is not a dog you can place safely.If he caused that much damage then unfortunately he probably should be put down.You can't put him with someone witout telling them how he is and what he does and has done in the past.
I'm afraid I totally have to agree with this. There's no way you can send him out into the world knowing that he has this tendency, much as with experienced handling, he could still be pulled round. I helped a couple with a stroppy Basset boy like this some time ago and once they understood why he was doing this, and how to avoid it, he was absolutely fine even if ultimately they decided that they really didn't have the time to properly exercise him or the accommodation for him to be able to run around as most Bassets should. He went to an experienced owner, with other Bassets, and has been fine.

If worst comes to worst however, surely it would be far kinder all round for him to be pts with you there, not at the hands of strangers

ps I've not read right through the update, but did pick up on the fact that like the boy I had dealings with, your lad was also not in an ideal situation. They too lived in a flat.

Add Just to say my reply regarding euth/rehoming was ONLY based on the rehoming aspect (note the subject of this OP). Of course no dog, never mind a Basset, should be pushed into a bite situation over food. Once the food bowl goes down, leave the dog to eat in peace. And if he shows this type of reaction over food, don't use food at all when it comes to a bribe.

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Thank you everyone. I am feeling better but still very hard specially when I come home and he is not there and the corner were his cage was is just an empty space. I feel very lucky about the rescue and knowing he has a second chance. For now I won't be getting about per toll we have a bigger place. I look forward to hearing news about Ramsay and his progress. Thank you for the support !

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Some can be rehabilitated,some cannot. Where a dog has caused damage like that through a bite ,you are liable,had it been a child it would have been far worse and guilt would have been overwhelming.Despite what those think of us who advocate putting the dog down if you have been in dogs long enough you run into many situations some may require this exact thing.
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