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Default Over feeding?

I have a three month old basset, Clementine. When I got her from my breeder, she said to just let her "graze" all day off of a full dish of food. When I took her to the vet, he told me to follow the guidelines on the puppy food (Purina Pro Plan). The guidelines say between a half cup to a cup a day. I feel like I'm starving her -- help? I'm sure listening to the vet is the way to go, ha.

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Not totally sure if pups are so very different from adults in terms of food, but I have NEVER seen Frida refuse food/garbage/stuff on the floor - ever! If I left her a never ending bowl of food I think she might possibly explode. I would listen to the vet and the Purina feeding plan
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I would never allow a Basset what ever it's age to free feed, it's asking for problems. Madness, mine would never stop eating!

  • 6 to 12 weeks: 4 times per day
  • 12 weeks to 6 months: 3 times per day
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LOL!!! You're gonna get alot of different answers. My vet told me that a puppy can't overeat and if I wanted, to free feed up until 4 months...That's when you have to regulate it or they do overeat....For me, 1/2 cup a day, really sounds like not enough..alot of it depends on their structure, (small size, large size), how much exercise they get, etc. Your best bet is to go by how the dog looks...too skinny, feed more....too fat, less. Someone will be along to explain what to look for.
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Go figure, I've never had a basset who overate, so I don't restrict food, but my two are getting a bit porky

I think that the half to full cup isn't enough food though for your darling
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My boy is just over 3 month now. I give him half cup dried food for breakfast, a pedigree puppy wet pouch for lunch and then a half cup of dry for his evening meal so all in all he has 1 full cup of dry in a day. He loves his wet food best in afternoon though.
Our vet say he is just perfect weight and size, he said you should be able to feel his ribs nicely.
Joey is hungry allllll the time, if I was to free feed him I think he would explode. He loves his food. His mummy free feeds though and surprisingly she looks amazing, not overweight at all. Xxx

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I normally let puppies "graze" up to anywhere between 6 months to a year, depending on the dog. Because they are growing, and because the rate of growth isn't steady, their nutritional requirements can vary quite a lot ie when they are having a growths spurt they need more.

Also, the amount of food needed is not necessarily dependent on the size of the dog. I've had big dogs require relatively little food, and small ones really need to eat a lot to maintain weight. Right now Hermione and Eowyn, 11 month old pups that are the smallest dogs in the house, each eat more than anyone else here, including the big males.

My general rule of thumb: if the dog is too thin, feed more, if she is too fat, feed less.
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Thanks for all the great advice - I do agree with those who said if their dog grazed all day they'd explode, ha. Clementine would truly eat all day I believe if I let her. The vet didn't say she was overweight, he said she was in line with where she should be. The little heffer did put on seven pounds though in three weeks ha ... But she is a growing pup

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My gang (adult & puppy) get fed canned food for breakfast and dinner. I have bowl of dry down all the time (currently puppy food) but the only barely graze on that. Both hold out as long as they can for the good stuff (people food) then they will lower themselves to dog food. Often they will eat dog food while waiting on Daddy to bring them a bit of the Good Stuff. Granted, neither are starving at all!.. However, according to them........

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My general rule of thumb: if the dog is too thin, feed more, if she is too fat, feed less.

that is exactly the point you have to let the dogs body condition be the judge butr for a growing puppy it way far better to be a little thin than a littls fat it will not sunt their grown genetics determine how big they will be, not what or how much you feed that only determines how much the weight and extra weight on a puppy often leads to early developmental orthopeadic conditions,. It is the leading cause of nuetrionally based orthopedic condition in large breed dogs.

I have never owned a basset puppy that I could let free feed and not be over weight. I thing a lot of tht has to do with the nutrient density of the food as well, I high calorie per cup food it is less likely a puppy can be free fed.
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