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Default Flea treatment

Hi everyone.

Was just wondering what flea treatment you guys use? I thought I saw I flea on joey but I could be mistaken. He was flea'd by the vet about a month ago but he was saying there is not many products that are fully effective.
Are the shampoos any good and does anyone know any decent ones. The price is not an issue, I just don't want him getting uncomfortable and itchy.
He's just been down the beach so could of been a little sand bug or something :/ xx

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Hi - I know they are not popular these days, but I've used them for years on my hounds when we've hit a flea problem (rare, thank goodness). Flea collars. With my recent infestation (see elsewhere ) , Frankie is now sporting one from my vet made by Seresto. It's suppose to last for 8 months, is on prescription, expensive, BUT I hope will work. I've read that Frontline isn't doing the job anymore for some reason, so given my past experience with collars (we've used Beaphar collars, which last 4 months, in the past and my Whippet now has one on her) I decided to go with the Seresto collar. They were flying off the shelf at my vet's office last Wednesday when we had Frankie in for his stitches to come out.

I have to say after the first evening when I picked almost a dozen off him, we've seen no more - so far!

You've just been down on the beach!? It's pouring rain and flippin freezin up here on the N.Cornwall coast

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Ok thanks will look into it. I had heard same about frontline too so I think I will leave there products. And yes the weather isn't too bad here, was really sunny yesterday but today is looking a little gary, got him down the beach before any rain came. It's funny how your only down the road and the weather is different. X

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We use Advantage.
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We have been lucky. Fleas and ticks haven't been too much of an issue. Really no fleas, a few ticks. I use frontline and a flea/tick shampoo. Every night I rub/pet them looking for ticks and if found remove immediately. Our property is pretty rural and wooded so ticks are fairly common. If I find one, I remove it, apply hydrogen peroixde and neosporin

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I've been using Frontline Plus on my dog and cats. This is the first I've heard about it not working. So far we haven't had any fleas on anybody.

For a while, I was using Revolution on the cats because it also protects them from worms and ear mites. But it doesn't protect against ticks, and after about the 4th time of removing a tick from a cat, we switched back to Frontline. We give the cats worm pills every few months.
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I use Revolution on my cat (not many ticks here in Seattle), but would caution against Frontline. If you've been using with no problems, then it's probably fine, but my mom's dog had seizures as a result of Frontline. We're planning to ask the vet when we go in what to do. My mom switched to a pill (can't remember the brand) that is working well for her little guy... except for the part where she has to make him take it. He's not a super cooperative malti-poo...
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We use Advocate 2x a year - March and then September. I like it because it kills lung worm (can get this from eating slugs or slug slime) and fox mange (lots of London foxes)
We've never had fleas (touch wood). I check them regularly and use a flea comb to make sure there isn't any flea dirt.
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Bella gets spot on when I remember, and generally twice a year I get the stuff from the vets, we have to have the vet put the stuff on her back then distract her by walking home, if I put it on at home she rubs it off on the carpet, but hey at least my carpets are flea free.

We've not had any problems with fleas up north that I've heard of, maybe it's too cold.

She has millebax wormer from the vets a couple of times a year then a bog standard supermarket one, I like to alternate then the beasties don't get immune to over use.

I think seeing as my hound has a liking to rolling in fox poo on a weekly basis she is seen as undesirable by any beasties anyway, she was certainly undesirable to man and beast yesterday after her walk on the park. She's generally a very clever little hound, but she still hasn't associated that rolling means baths, with gain comes pain.
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We use trifexis .. Kills fleas, prevention of heart worms and other intestinal worms... Not sure about the ticks though

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