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Default Are stairs a dealbreaker?

I've been reading some threads about bassets and stairs not being a good mix. I have a two story home... so, does that automatically mean I shouldn't have a basset? I mean, I just assumed she'd have run of the house, but I suppose technically she doesn't have to go upstairs if she doesn't want to.

To get outside to go potty she would have to do gown two or three steps whichever door she went out. My back door has two steps down to the patio and back yard, same with the front. I have a dog door to the garage, but that's about 3 steps to get down. Do you think she'd need a ramp?

And do you think I'd have to make sure she didn't go upstairs?

Thanks in advance!

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I have never had an issue with my pervious gal who lived to 16 or my current gals and stairs. We have a 2 story and stairs from the patio to the yard!
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My basset is only 2 so is still quite sprightly, she has no problem getting up or going down stairs that have 20 steps! You could always get a baby gate for the stairs if you didn't want him/her going up it?
Really don't think the front or back steps are gonna be a problem, maybe in later life but a temporary ramp is easily put together if it does come to it! In short, no... In my opinion stairs not a deal breaker.

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Well my basset is alil over 2. His front paw is in my opinion alil more croocked then thw other, its nearly twisted backwards at times. Ive heard the same story bout stairs being off limits. At our old house they were very steep and aa a pup I taught him not to go near, and then hed fear them. That ended up backfiring cuz he at times would run up em but to acared to go down alone. My fiance would have to carry him. At our new house the basement steps are just as steep so he doesnt go near em but the upatairs steps are alil wider and split im half. Theres like 5 then a larger area where the steps turn directions and then another five. For tge most part he does them fine. If anything when hes excited running down them fear me more than him (worried he will twist his ankle or something). So I constantly say "slow" as he hops down em. As far as outside. Same boat, I have stairs out both door. He does fine, just in winter can be a bit tricky if hes excited and runs out not realizing its icy.... He has slid right off top step before.
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I have never had a problem with stairs. Jake is 13 and is A-OK. Ellie is 4/12 mo old. She is going up and down stairs. (hasn't yet figured how to jump on furniture). However, they are gated downstairs during the day and the only real steps they do is in the AM to go out and in the PM to go to bed. I don't find it realistic to carry them up and down, especially as they grow. Even tho' Ellie is just a baby, she is already 30 lbs. We don't have any other stairs other than to the bedroom, most of the time they are on one level, even to go outside.

However, I do recognize that since they have such long bodies they are prone to back problems and stairs can be an issue. I just kinda' limit the exposure to the steps but they are both very able of navigating them! In fact, if I let her, I think Ellie would find them a "game".

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I carry joey up and down our stairs. He is only upstairs when it's bed time. He's only little but he's very weary of them. Also for him to go outside its a one big step. I lift him outside but he likes to jump back in on his own! At the moment the weather is bad and he is tooooo stubborn to take his backside outdoors lol xxx

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Thank you so much for all the info! I'm feeling much better.
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I think when they are puppies, you have to carry them on stairs up to a certain age (I'm not real clear on this though, since I got my basset as an adult.)

We have about the same amount of stairs that you have, and Molly seems fine going up and down them. We don't let her go down to the basement, but that's because of the cat food and cat litter, not because of the stairs.

I think one of the threads about stairs was about someone living in a 3rd floor apartment. That would mean doing all 3 flights every single time they went outside to potty or to go anywhere else. So it would be a lot more stairs, especially all at once. That could be a lot harder on a basset than the amount of stairs you have in your house.
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i think when dogs suffer spinal injurys there are usually other contributing factors like their weight that have to be factored into the situation. i dont think that a dog going up and down stairs tobe a bad thing for them.
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You are right about Basset (puppies!) and stairs, especially coming down. Ditto for furniture However, a baby gate should take care of the stairs. And it's worth investing in because once injured, your Basset could well be 'on three legs' (not necessarily literally ) for the rest of his life. In other words, take it carefully. It's not necessarily a deal breaker however. As for the outside steps, we bought a car-ramp and used it outside for the couple of steps we have out there from kitchen door into the back garden. My boy was a very heavy puppy and much as he could negotiate the steps (at 4 months when we got him), I didn't want him plonking down them. Again not a deal-breaker, but adjustments need to be made when it comes to Bassets

Add - Just to suggest that it's not the back of the Basset (provided the ribcage goes well back the spine should be well enough supported) but their FRONTS that are the problem with stairs. The lighter sort would probably be okay, but mine have always been heavy boned, and I'd not think about risking them on stairs/steps. One injury is one too many.

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