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Hey Wormie, how are you doing? Give us an update...good news, preferably.
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I hope you feel better soon. One of my kitties had New Monia last year, and it was no fun.
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Thanks for all the good wishes, Everybuddy, we needed that!

sorry for the less than timely update. we has a problem getting to the computah when i gets sick-- my person says it gets 'kayotic' rounds here when i turn sicko. here's more of the story:

**warning: graphic description ahead, if anyone is eating breakfast, do not proceed. or if u do, u been fairly warned **

well i guess this all started almost 2 weeks ago, when i probably had 'stress colitis' for a day and had some blood/mucous in my poo. but it went away after that day. then a week later, I started getting mucousy diarrhea. when i went 5x in one day, i got taken to the vet, and they treated me for 'colitis' with Flagyl. well i guess u can also get vomiting w/'colitis' so the next morning at 6am this past Saturday (my person had to work that day so she REALLY appreciated my waking her up early), i started vomiting yellow bile stuff, and then later my breakfast and snack.

after the 6am vomit, i heave/coughed x 10 min. and then my breathing was funny and fast after that. at the time she thought i was dry heaving, but it didn't really sound like a basset vomiting if you know what i mean. more like 'coughing' but not a reverse sneeze cough either like in kennel cough. actually my person was more concerned about bloat at that point, since it's like i wuz trying to barf and nothing coming out except small amounts of foamy spit. plus my belly wuz a little bloaty too. yikes! scary!

but instead she took me to my Auntie M's where my basset friend Mr. Bo resides, and i just wanted to play and had lotsa energy. so then it wuz decided that i don't look sick enuf to have bloat really, running around like that.

the rest of the day i had lotsa energy running around. the only thing that wasn't normal was all the barfing, around 6-7 times in all. yellow bile, meals, and then also a little bloody foam/spit stuff.

so by 6pm, i ended up back at the vet's again. yikes! that's going to the vet's 2 days in a row. my person says i'm ex'pensive!!

fortunately my usual vet Dr. D wuz on-- cuz she took care of me all last Thanksgiving too when i had the skinnies! yeah it's becoming a Thanksgiving ritual to spend the weekend at the vet's. definitely got a complex already, or if i don't, my person does!!

my throat wuz kinda sensitive, so i would cough if you pressed on my throat. so actually most of the front desk folks and vet techs thought i had kennel cough and put me in isolation. but as we told the story to the vet, she thought it wuz less likely and then wanted to rule out an aspiration new monia with an x-ray.

sure enough, my new monia already showed up clearly on the xray. so now i m on 3 antibiotics total for this, and also need to go back to see Dr. D in 2 weeks and get another round of xrays. xrays are ex'pensive!!

now how did i get this new monia? well this will sound gross, but basically it prob happened at 6am that day. as i wuz vomiting, instead of everything going OUT of me, i musta sucked some of the barfs back INSIDE and it went into my lungs they call it an Aspiration New Monia. wethinks they caught it early (same day it happened), so with all the antibiotics, i actually been ok since that day. just a few airy coughs every now and then. i has lotsa energy, but my person's making me stay on the quieter side. i do get shivery more easily, so i's got my sweaters and fleeces on when we go outside.

i dunno why it is called Aspiration New Monia. It must be a New Monia with lotsa Aspirations, and i hope it has Aspirations to become an Old Monia, as Cooper and Lyla said so eloquently!!

me is ok, thanks for asking, my person says to lay low the next 2 weeks. fortunately i'm not contagious so i don't need to get quarantined.

thanks for all the suggestions re: the nebulizers, Barney and CatherineM-- yeah i think it's more like a nebulizer (machine) rather than an inhaler. good idea about the milk carton! turns out u need prescription for nebulizer plus they ain't cheap. since i seem to be ok overall, my person says we will hold off on the nebulizer for now.

has anyone's basset or dog or cat ever had an Aspiration New Monia, and how did it go? we very curious to hear.

see what the Worm is up to:
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I haven't had any pets with aspiration pneumonia, but before I was a stay-at-home-mom, I was a speech-language pathologist, and had some clients/patients with it. Sometimes when people swallow, the stuff "goes down the wrong pipe" and makes them cough. Usually, we are able to cough it all up and are fine. But sometimes it does get into the lungs, causing aspiration pneumonia. People who have muscle weakness (maybe due to stroke or cerebral palsy, for example) may have a difficult time chewing and swallowing, and if they repeatedly get aspiration pneumonia, they might have to go on a special diet. This would mean soft foods that are easier to chew, or maybe even pureed foods that need no chewing at all. They might also need their liquids thickened, because thin liquids travel pretty fast and get to the throat before the person is ready to swallow (we have to close off the path to the lungs, and some people take too long to do that.)

Putting people on those diets was one of my least favorite things to do in my job. :-(

I don't think you'll need anything like that, since you aspirated on vomit and not on food. Hope you're feeling better soon.
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Wwormie hope you start to feel better soon. No hope with the new monia I'm afraid from me.
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I forgot to add that when my cat had pneumonia, it wasn't from aspiration, but from a cold that got into her lungs. She had to have antibiotics for a while (we did injections at the vet's every 1-2 weeks because I wasn't even going to try to give her pills) and I had to keep her indoors all the time (she is normally an indoor/outdoor cat.) Even after she didn't really seem sick, she still had a low-grade temp for a while.

Animals don't aspirate on their food or drinks like humans do--the same anatomical differences that give us the ability to talk are the ones that make us more likely to aspirate. So I guess aspirating on puke is the usual way for an animal to do it.
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Sending lots of healing drool your way Wworm. I hope you are felling better very soon!!!
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My bassets have eaten barf, but I'm glad none of them tried to inhale it.

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Glad it looks like everything is under control! Hope you are 100% soon.
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continued thoughts for a speedy recovery......
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