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Default Advice Please!

Hi guys,

I'm new to the forum so to start off i'd just like to say a huge hello to everyone .

My partner and I have been considering getting a Basset Hound for a long time and have now decided to take the plunge and start looking for puppy to come and live with us after christmas but before that I just wanted to ask you knowledgeable people a few questions just to make 100% sure that a Basset pup is totally right for us.

Firstly we currently have a beautiful three year old Golden Retriever, Layla, who has a lovely gentle but playful temprement and a very friendly cat, Oscar, who get on great together and are best friends and I know for a fact they'd happily except another dog into our home. In peoples experience how do you find Bassets get on with other family pets? This is my main concern as Layla and Oscar are my babies so their happiness is paramount to me as well as not wanting the new puppy to feel uncomfortable around other pets. I've read lots about this but would like to ask actual owners experience on this.

Secondly, although we currently don't have any children we plan to in the future, how do you find Basset's get on with children? I know all dogs are different but just a general idea .

Lastly, when Layla was a puppy for probably the first 7 months, we used a crate while we were out of the house and on a night time. This seemed to work really well with her and I think helped her training a huge amount. How do people find Basset's react to being in a cage? Also what size would people recommend I got for the puppy?

Sorry for all the questions but I want to be sensible about getting the puppy and make sure we have all the information possible as to us getting a puppy is a life long commitment. I've read lots on Basset Hounds but I know that Basset owners can give me the most insight into the breed!

Thanks Everyone,
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Welcome Julie and family. We had a Basset and a Puggle when we fostered Daisy and everything was great. We adopted her and then adopted a toy Poodle. We now are fostering Copper a 9 year old Basset and the 5 get along great with ages ranging from 2 through 9 years old. Ours get along great with kids from newborns on up as we have lots of grand-kids that visit. Can't say much about crate training but lots of people on this site do and seem to have no problems. We started to but the crate that was recommended by a petsmart employee was too large so we gave up. We're not gone often so it works for us. As long as you have a sense of humor you should be fine. I like this book and would recommend getting it, The Basset Hound Owner's Survival Guide By Diane Morgan
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Hello & welcome

I'm sorry I can't help with how a basset would get on with your other pets, I only have one, but I'm sure as your golden has a good temprement it should be fine.

Again the crate training I'm no help with, we havn't crated bella but I've read loads of posts on here from members who do and they seem to work really well for them.

The children issue I can advise on!

I have two girls the youngest is 7 and bella is absolutely fantastic with them both. She usually just likes to be wherever they are. They play together and then fall asleep together on the sofa! She also takes treats from them even more gently than she does from us, and if playing tug for example as soon as they say 'leave it', she'll drop the toy straight away.

I can't recommend them enough, she's gentle, cuddly, sweet and full of personality. She is also a bit stubborn, and training takes time and patience (and a good sense of humour), if you have those you'll be fine

Good luck and please let us see pictures when you bring your baby home!
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Welcome and keep checking for answers as its thanksgiving many are out stuffing our faces Haha. I can only comment on a bassset with another dog....YES! I rescued my hound who has separation problems and another dog worked wonders for her. I have a jack Russell and man I have never seen two dogs have so much fun and get along so great. They were both older when they met so if u get a puppy I don't think there would be a problem. Good luck and yes pictures if u get one.
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Welcome Julie & your partner

My father-in-law had a Golden Retriever – he lived in our other house and my husband would go up a couple times a months to see him with our pack – they always got along great. That said – with all pack introductions – it depends on the dogs. Nugget was an easy going boy and didn’t have a problem letting our Lucy be the pack leader – if he would have there would have been problems.

I had a cat before I brought in a hound – and Flash loved the cat – but I can’t say Stella felt the same. She didn’t care for her at all.

Regarding crate training – I’ve crate trained all my hounds without any problems at all. In fact the two sisters I have now that are 1 ˝ years old – are still in the crate at bedtime and when I leave the house because I can’t trust what they’ll get into. Just be sure not to ever use it as a form of punishment – Mabel and Page eat in their crates and sleep in them, we call it their house.

Kids – if you don’t have kids now – but know you would want them – I’d do what my husband does – take them to a park as much as possible and get them used to and enjoy playing with kids. We live in a neighborhood where there are a lot of kids – every day he takes them to the park in our subdivision to play with the kids of all ages. I think kid here along with their parents know all four of my fur-kids by name. I don’t have kids – well I do but she’s 29 – and I wanted to make sure my fur-kids will be tolerant if/when my daughter ever decides to have babies.

Have you ever thought of looking into a rescue? They have the dogs go into foster so they can evaluate them to know – will they get along with other dogs – cats – kids…

On another note – do you have a fenced yard? Bassets are sent hounds and will be gone in a blink of the eye without one. Also, they are also MUCH harder to train then your Golden was – it’s not that they’re dumb – it’s just that you have to figure out a reason it’s in their best interest to do what you want them to do.

I hope some of that helps – good luck in your decision and search. Be sure to come back and post some photos of your new baby.

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Hi Julie,

I've done it the other way around - bought in another dog into a house with a 6 year old Basset and it couldn't really have been any better. Boris is a bit sop and loves attention (like all Basset's!) so I was a little nervous - but he's found a best friend and doesn't leave the pups side.

I crate trained Boris from day 1 - had a few screams the first night but that was it. He still sleeps in there overnight to this day. I just say "bed" and he runs off to the kitchen and jumps in. They don't do well being left alone but with your other animals in the house to keep him company, I think he'll be a great addition!

I don't have any kids but Boris gets on great with them. To be fair, he gets on great with anyone who pays him a little bit of attention. They're a truly wonderful breed and I wouldn't be without one now. They do have their downsides too (the dribble, the hair shedding, the ears which need a lot of looking after etc) - but the good points outnumber these 100/1!

Good luck!
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We have three dogs and our basset is the only one I can always trust with other animals and people. She is consistently sweet and tolerant of pretty much anything. If we have any issue with kids it is that she loves them so much and wants to give kisses, sometimes she forgets she is a 50 pound hound lol. But we have had her around babies and she laid beside them and let them touch and pat her very patiently. I just can't say enough about what a sociable dog she is.
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I have two bassets, because one wasn't enough. The older one is over 1 and the younger one is currently 5.5 months old. They get along great. They also have met my parents dogs a husky and golden retriever. There was a lot of barking the first couple times we brought Monty, but they are used to him now. In general they get along with any one.
For training, they are stubborn. Monty finally is fairly house trained, except for the days he "forgets" or doesn't want to wait. Jenny is already really good in the house. They are both crate trained. You need a fairly large (intermediate is what we have, between medium and large) one, because they do grow long and can be 50+ pounds. Some come with dividers. Monty will go to nap in one or the other crates if he wants to, and they will happily go in them for bedtime or when we leave the house. I'm so glad we crate trained.
You need a sense of humour with a basset in the house, but they are funny critters and fun to have.
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Thank you all so much for getting back to me about this =) it's lovely to hear about your Basset's, they really do sound like an amazing breed who would fit in great with us.
It's so reassuring hearing how well your Basset's get on with other animals as this, as I said, was my main concern. I know that Layla will be overjoyed to have a new playmate, she has a lovely nature so her reaction doesn't worry me.
From reading your responses I definetlythink that we will get the puppy a crate, due to my and Lee's shifts at work (he starts work when I finish - great for the animals but not so much us!!) the puppy won't be alone for long periods of time but I remember from Layla she used it as her own private space and I think it really helped her.
Our garden is totally fenced and secure, it needs to be with Layla whose a little escape artist (she's even learnt to open the front door so that needs to be constantly locked) so that wouldnt be a worry.
We've heard that Basset's can be hard to train but that isn't a huge concern to us, we're both really patient, although Layla is really bright she is extremley stubborn and won't do anything she doesn't want to do which is very uncharacteristic for a golden but just gives her that little bit more personality!
We are still undecided on whether to get a dog or a bitch, Layla has been spayed so thats not an issue for us and we'd be getting the puppy done also, any advice on that one?
Thanks again everyone, you've all really helped!
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My story....

I started off with a rescue shepherd mix (Sophie) who was an only "child" for about 5 years. Went everywhere with me, did everything with me and slept with me. Then I got married (mid-july) she decided then (her decision) to sleep in a bed next to ours. Then for Christmas, I was given my first Basset (always wanted one... Jake) Jake took over sleeping with Mom duty. Sophie was a great big sister. Very tolerant of his "puppy ways". A few corrections, but nothing of note.

When Sophie passed, he immediately left my bed for the "Big Dog" bed (right next to the big bed) I adopted Abby and he was a good big brother, even helped with training. Abby passed far to young ( 2 1/2). I have now added Ellie to our pack and he is being extremely patient (Abby was ill so she wasn't so active) Ellie is A-OK and full of piss and vinegar. The only real issue we've had is when she sank her puppy teeth into his boy parts... An understandable reaction! Otherwise, Jake is a great big brother. Teaching potty training, other rules of the house. Only "issues" are she barks when she wants someone (anyone) to play, he starts howling.

We did start crate training Ellie, but like the other pups, they have learned quickly from their elders, so it hasn't lasted all that long. Personally, I hate the crate and want to eliminate it as soon as I can. Ellie was great, never messed in it, either asks to go outside or uses the piddle pad.

I think a basset pup would do great with your dog and cat. And I am sure a pup woud learn the house rules from the Golden.

As far as children... My grandson is 11, Jake is 13.... never a problem. All of my bassets have been overly friendly and gentle. The biggest issue I have had is a teething pup, but that is just a matter of teaching them bite control. Worst case, a few scratches on the hand and arm.

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