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Default Is your Hound healthy or not?

Hi all

I have three Hounds that are aged nearly eight,five and nearly five and so far have been very lucky with their health.
Rupert the oldest one had a few Colitis issues when he was young but the other two have not seen the Vet apart from neutering and boosters

In fact I don't think that they have been to the Vet for the last five years

Have I been incredibly lucky or are their lots of you that are the same.
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We had Benson at 8 weeks. He came to us with fleas, worms, and two nasty stomach viruses including campalar bacter. It took over 4 months for him to get over them. As a consequence he had to restart his virus jabs and when he started them again he had an allergic reaction, so had to be rushed in for an antihistamine shot.

Then he appeared to have hurt his leg and would sporadically limp. He had a scan under general anaesthetic, but he was just growing in a lop-sided way and is over this now.

Recently he has been suffering with a bladder infection for the past two months and his been at the vets almost weekly. The last time he went in for another scan and the machine broke, so he has to go back next week for another one.

I think that's it. He's 15 months old now.

Depsite all of this, he has never seemed ill once in his demeanour. He loves meeting all the vets, well until they take his temperature. Fingers crossed we are over the worst of it for now.
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My dogs as a rule have been very healthy. Most of mine go through their lives with few or no problems up until the very end.
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Hubert came to us perfectly healthy at 8 weeks and hasn't had any health issues. He was in the hospital for a week and had to have surgery after eating various parts of a flip flop but that really has nothing to do with his health and Eeyore came at 6 weeks with staph and coccidia but after getting over those he is as good as new. Both are still young though at just over and year and 8 months.
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I'd unfortunately have to say no.

Lucas (8);
Occasional glad problems.
Ears dirty, cleaned every other day
Cysts, two removed.
Small growth (removed) between teeth, which thankfully was found to be benign.
Skin issues, coat very thin, little hair on underparts, at times very itchy.
Paralysed for 5 days after being attacked on lead, disc ruptured into spinal column.
Suffered a slipped disc last year, has some nerve damage down right side.
Thyroid problems.
Ligament damage to both back legs.
Suffered badly from colitis for some years, which is now much better since fed raw.
A fabulous dog - my soul mate - known to his friends as Lazarus.

Otto (7); (OH has always maintained he is not the dog we picked out)
Growth plate deformities to both front legs, feet almost at 45 degrees, scuffs front nails (to the point of bleeding) if he is walked for to long on hard surfaces.
Occasional gland problems.
All four legs & hips riddled with arthritis.
Cyst removed from left eye - due to auto immune
A dog that is so physically compromised he does play with his cousin but can't handle play (or I can't) with strange dogs (OK perhaps he could but I'd have to phone for back up to get him home)
Has cartrophen monthly to ease joints
Colitis problems for some years but like his cousin much much better now fed raw.
Very stiff, has days that he really doesn't want to walk very far but still loves running for his ball.
Otherwise a very happy little dog, who has always remained very much a puppy & we joke has a picture stored in the attic.

I'm sure I've forgotten some, but that's enough!
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Winston and Maezie, yes. Winston had some limping issues, but it was due to overexertion. He was an INSANE puppy.

Molly, well I will also classify her as healthy. She has Addison's Disease, but it's regulated and the only meds she has is her monthly Percorten shot. She had a small ear infection a few weeks ago, but it cleared up quickly.

I hope I haven't tempted fate here.
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So far, so good...but he's only 1 1/2 and I'm knocking on wood as I type this....
Properly trained, a man can be a dog's best friend.
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Gandy is in good shape. He ate some pie without permission and survived it.

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Edee is also nearly five and beside a case of ear mites when I adopted her she has no issues and is an ideal weight.
Edee--basset hound--age 5 ***rescue***
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Winston came to us fine. It must be in the name because Winston was and to a degree still is a very active and I do mean very active puppy. Granted he is only 10 months old but he also had a limping problem that surfaced just prior to having him neutered a couple of months back. The vet assured us that it was simply an issue with the way he jumped ran etc. and said if it did not clear up in a few days to bring him back in. It did and I've had no problems since. Other than that so far he is fine. Though I must say he needs to stay away from the kitchen counter. Yesterday I found Life saver wrappers and little bits of life savers all over the kitchen floor! Bad dog!
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