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What a gorgeous looking hound, have googled them but can't find anyone in the Uk although I did read somewhere that 13 pups were born here last year. Look forward to hearing your thoughts when you see him on Friday, bet he can run & run, good luck.
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Love the ears! Nice colours. hope everybody gets along well.
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Never heard of them. Actually thought the post was about those nasty spiked rodents.

Good looking dog though! Best Wishes if you adopt, and even tho he's not a basset, let us know how he is doing!

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Wow, what a nice dog! Good luck!
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I had a thought last night, that I've met him on walks before now, so I'm a bit concerned he might be from around my area, which I will find out on Friday. If he is the dog I think he is, he's quite bouncy but incredibly friendly. I remember seeing him walking with a man and a small child, and having to ask what breed he was, because he was so unusual. Beautiful natured dog if I remember rightly.

There are only 50 of them in the UK, his previous owners have a female too, so they were probably going to breed them, unfortunately for Filou he's having his nuts off next week, and isn't vaccinated so I have to wait to take Bella to meet him. Both of the Porcelaine's they had were imported.

However if he is from my area, I won't be adopting him, I'd be worried about him going back to his previous home. If he doesn't come to me I'm sure there will be other hound lovers out there that can give him a good home.
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Originally Posted by Esther View Post
I drink from the porcelaine bowl in the huminz baffroom sometimes...

Well that just made me LOLOLOLOLOLOL, I'm trying to work out the logistics of a Basset being able to drink from the pan.
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I love these comparatively rare French hound breeds. I wondered about him, but Googled and found there is such a breed much as he looks like a X between a Pointer and a Bracco Italiano. I guess this is a regional thing in France. Love to have him although the 'purist' in me doesn't like that front!!

I wonder how he ended up in Rescue And even more, how they KNEW what he is!

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How did it go?
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I found this on Widipedia.
The Porcelaine is a breed of dog originating from France. It is believed to be the oldest of the French scent hounds. Its alternate name is the Chien de Franche-Comté, named after a French region bordering Switzerland. This caused some debate over the dog's origin, but it has been decided that it is a French dog.
The Porcelaine gets its name from its shiny coat, said to make it resemble a porcelain statuette. The fur is white, sometimes with orange spots, often on the ears. The skin should be white with black mottling that is visible through the white coat. The fur is incredibly short and very fine. The nose of a Porcelaine dog is black with very wide nostrils. It also has black eyes and long ears that droop down. The neck is long and the tail starts thick and narrows to a point at the end.
Porcelaine males range from 22 to 23 inches (about 56 to 58.5 centimeters) tall. Bitches are 21 to 22 inches (about 53.5 to 56 centimeters) tall. They weigh from 55 to 62 pounds (about 25 to 28 kilograms).

Porcelaines has a very high activity level and therefore needs a lot of exercise. Because of this, they are not recommended for people living in apartments because they cannot get sufficient exercise without a lot of work on the owner's part. Despite the Porcelaines being fierce hunters, they are gentle and relatively easy to handle.

The Porcelaine is thought to be a descendant of the English Harrier, some of the smaller Laufhounds of Switzerland, and the now-extinct Montaimboeuf. There have been records of the breed in France since 1845 and in Switzerland since 1880. The breed actually disappeared after the French Revolution (1789–1799) but has been reconstructed. Breeders in the UK are attempting to have The Porcelaine accepted as a recognized breed. As of 2009 there have been 14 puppies bred in the UK.

Porcelaines have no health issues specific to the breed. Of course, they suffer from general dog issues like any other breed.

The coat, due to its shortness, is very easy to care for.
Hunting purposes

The Porcelaine is a hunting dog usually used to hunt hare, roe deer, and in the north wild boar. The Porcelaines hunt in packs. Being a scent hound, it has a very good sense of smell with which it hunts. The Porcelaine is a fierce hunting dog that has been bred to hunt independently without many orders from the owner. The Porcelaine is also being bred in small numbers in Italy and used to hunt wild boar, however Italian indigenous hounds continue to be the preferred choice of local hunters.
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