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Default I am thinking of getting a basset hound...advice please!

I am thinking of getting a basset hound. We had a basset hound in the family many years back & while I remember many things about him (ie difficulty to train!, stubberness! etc) others things I dont.

Could other basset owners let me know what they are like as puppies; very active, demanding, hard work? Or do they become reasonably settled quite quickly? What are they like in comparison as they get older at say 6 months, 1 year?

Are they all very difficult to train? or toilet train?

Do girls make better pets than boys or have owners found them similar?

I would greatly appreciate any good or bad insights from any owners! Thank you!
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First of all let me say welcome - not only to here, but IF you buy a Basset. You will be joining a very exclusive club Not for the faint hearted are Bassets - and you first of all have to get into the mindset of being owned BY a Basset, and not the other way round. Stubborn? Some say so, but for me, if you are getting stubborn, you haven't found the key that unlocks how they tick. If you want instant obedience, forget about a Basset - and if you overload them with too much all at once, then yes, you'll get stubborn. They will quite literally dig their heels in. The key to this breed is applied psychology - making them think that what you want was their idea all along.

Puppies - well I don't think they are basically any more difficult than any other puppy apart from the fact that you must give them time, and be gentle. Hounds can be easily demolished - especially the boys The good thing about these is they are almost always food-motivated (after hunting!) and there's no disgrace in using food to get what you want - far better than getting into a full-on confrontation. Physically however, it's another matter. Early days, up to 6 months, you have to be very careful with them. Heavy bone and no muscle tone = huge potential for damage. So no jumping up, and especially off, furniture. No stairs - again especially coming down. Basset fronts, which bear most of the weight, are very prone to injury until the muscles are there. Once a puppy reaches 6 months, not before, you can begin some more organised road-work building up to a year when most will be able to take as much, or as little exercise as you are prepared to giv e them. Provided they have remained sound throughout the first year.

Feeding - be careful. This breed is very prone to GDV (Bloat, usually with a full torsion). I feed my adults two smaller meals a day rather than one big one - and don't exercise for 2 hours after feeding, or feed for 1 hour after exercise. And find something that suits, and stick to it (usually what the pup has been fed with his breeder). If you start chopping and changing, his digestive system will kick off.

Buy from a reputable breeder! This breed has become too popular for it's own good, and there are many BYBs producing Bassets with incorrect temperaments. This is a sensitive breed, but should never be overly shy, or aggressive.

Finally, don't get a Basset if you intend to leave him alone for hours (working week). This is a breed that does not do well living a solitary life and will become noisy and destructive. They thrive being around their family which will become his 'pack'. This is a great breed (well I've had one - two, three .....) since 1972, so they have to be. But they are NOT for everybody And will test your patience at times. Puppies sell themselves, but don't be fooled - there's an active houind in there, who will test you big time, at times.

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we're cute too
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Hello & welcome

Are they all very difficult to train? or toilet train?

I've found not so bad if you have a treat in your hand...if not it's 50/50
Potty training same thing, reward after going outside with a treat and it's much easier.

Could other basset owners let me know what they are like as puppies; very active, demanding, hard work?

Bella is very demanding & hard work at times. She's either 'full on' or asleep! She asks for - and gets a lot of attention from all of us, and cries if she doesn't get it! Saying all that, I wouldn't swap her for anything and she gives the best cuddles ever
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Buying from a good breeder is all important. They will have taken the time to consider the two dogs they are breeding together,by their pedigrees and temperaments.Health is not to be over looked all the dogs on the breeder's premises should look and act healthy you can't see whats underneath the fur but you get an idea. The puppies should be clean and react to the breeder's voice, where they want to be with him/her,not act afraid or subdued.Preferably the breeder should show some of her dogs,knowing you are not looking for a show dog but the pets will be high quality.Prices vary but reasonable breeders usually ask only what is reasonable for the pedigree the puppies have, some charge large and some not so large beware of puppies in the low hundreds $200.00 to $500.00 they may be poorer quality.Those asking thousands may not be worth it if the puppies are not champion sired,or have a champion dam. Deal with someone from the Basset Hound Club of Amercia they have a website. Good Luck
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If you have had one, rescue one, love it, forgive it for any short comings it may arrive with. Mine are not lazy, have taken extra time to house train, been relativley un destructine lovers!
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Welcome! I had to laugh as I started reading this thread (not at your questions!!!) Jake, my 13 yo is trying to snooze in the chair, however, my 4 mo is barking at him cause she wants to Play. She barks, he howls (only lasts a minute) then Miss Short Attention Span is off to a variety of toys and balls.

Jake is fairly lazy, then again, he is 13 and has earned it. He wasn't always lazy. However, you couldn't find a better tempered dog (with puppies and children) you can do just about anything to this dog. the only thing that freaks him out are fireworks and gun shots.

Ellie...lazy.... I am waiting for it!! She is either full tilt or dead asleep. Much like Bella!

Personally, I find bassets do "better" if they are not an only "dog". They miss each other if one has to go to the vet (or if even one gets to walk to the mailbox... they may not keep track, but they do take turns!)

I really don't remember how long it took Jake to settle down. He was fairly active but never a "bad" dog. Just liked to play, walk, explore (on a leash!) in our woods. He still has his Puppy Moments. I think Ellie helps keep him active.

Good luck, and if you are not ready for raising a "baby" (because it is much like that) definitely consider a rescue. There are a lot of great hounds (or any other breed) out there that were just dealt a crappy hand and our looking for a loving home.

My first dog (as an adult) was a Pound Puppy (Sophie - Sheph mix) couldn't have found a better dog. She learned quick, sweet as can be, protective when needed (not very often).

Sophie (ATB (1996-2010)
Abby (ATB 2010 - 2012)
Jake (ATB 2001 - 2015 )
Ellie (2012 - )
Grace (2015 - )
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I also ask that you consider the fact that bassets can truly mess up your home.
Their ears drag in mud and dirt, they drool and they shed.
I'm definitely not Susie Homemaker so I'm not bothered in the slightest but it can drive some people crazy.
Their personalities more than make up for the other stuff.
Francis's (ATB 8/8/11) Bevy
And now Albert's Bevy.
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With the shedding, drooling, getting into garbage, etc. they can be pretty messy. Some are also quite vocal, which I love but other people might find annoying.
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Don't get one if you have an unprotected cream coloured sofa, I have a lovely new cream coloured sofa, but nobody gets to see it because it has so many blankets and throws over it to protect it from huge muddy paws.

Basset's are a kind of you either love em or you hate em type of dog, and it's a whole lot easier to live with one if you have a Good sense of humour and a pocketful of cheese.
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