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Question First basset--QUESTIONS!

Hello! My husband and I just got our first basset in July.

He is 6 1/2 months old now and we are running into two problems with him and need advice!

First, he STILL wakes up once in the night to go outside. We think we need to just ignore him, but when I take him out, he does pee. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Suggestions?

Second, he is for the most part potty trained but he still occasionally has inside accidents (maybe 2 or 3 times/week). Is this normal for a pup his age? I'm getting worried he will never learn!

Any thoughts would be appreciated!!
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Bassets can be hard to house break so be patient. As to going outside at night, have you tried taking up their water at a certain time in the evening? That always worked for me.

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Yes, Bassets tend to take longer to potty train. Don't lose hope or patience! It may take even take a full year...or so. They vary.

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Don't get discouraged! If he is at least waking you up at night to be let out, that is good. Jake is 13 and will still wake me if he really needs out. I would rather that than a mess on the bedroom floor!

Ellie is 4 mos. and she will wake me at night, so we've only had one accident in the bedroom since I got her and I think it was more of a case of me in a deep sleep and didn't hear her. She will ask to go out by sitting quietly at the back door. If I don't notice, she will go over to the piddle pad. Sometimes, she hits it dead center, others, just off the edge (you can tell her front end was on the pad... so I let that slide). On occasion, we will had a true accident, but they are coming fewer and further between.

Jake took much longer to train (I think a full year) than Ellie, then we had a issue with him peeing on my shepherds (Sophie) food bowl when she was done eating if I didn't get it up fast enough. Otherwise, the only time we have an issue with him is if he isn't feeling well. Actually, this afternoon he was still "suffering" from his venison dinner and he actually tried to use the piddle pads (I could tell it was him... trust me, a mother knows!) HA! The puppy is teaching an old dog a new trick!

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Benson took until he wa nearly a year to be fully house trained. he still likes to get up in the night, although with his recent bladder infection that was 2-4 times a night. The more tired he is the more likely he will sleep through.
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A few Bassets can be difficult to get fully house-trained ..... I'd actually say none of mine was 'solid' even into adulthood. If I left them too long on occasion (and I'm talking about over 4 hours), and they needed to go, they would However, if he can't go through the night on a regular basis, I think I might consider whether he has a medical reason for this. UTIs are not uncommon. Collect a sample of his urine and ask your vet to run a urinalysis, just in case he can't help what's going on.

Secondly he may be waking up for another reason, feeling chilly, something happens at the same time each night to disturb him, and once awake, the next step is to need to pee!

Whatever you do, please don't remove water until he goes to bed. If he's on a complete dry diet, fresh water should be available all the time (much as mine don't have any during the night - they are in crates). If there is something going on (like diabetes - don't panic, this may not be what's wrong but ...) withholding water can actually be dangerous.

So rule out a medical reason, and maybe try ignoring him and see what happens. He could just have got into a habit that needs to be broken We have bought in slightly older hounds before, one at 5 months, another at 7 months and my most recent buy-in who was 4 months and all were pretty much clean overnight from when they came to us - coming from a kennel situation too.
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I know some people are against them but we trained ours to go outside and on puppy pads. Hubert, who is a little over a year never even uses them anymore but Eeyore will on days I have to leave them at home longer. Both are great about not using them when we are home and just asking to go outside.
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Oh yes this sure sounds like a Basset to me lol!

Boris took a good 7-8 months before we stopped having any accidents inside. They are notoriously stubborn but I think like with any dog, it really depends on the individual.

Re. the toilet break during the night just something I'd bear in mind is that Bassets also know how to wrap you around the palm of their paw! If he knows that a bark or a whine means that mum and dad get up and let him out, then it could very well be just a habit. Boris has slept in a crate from day 1 - and loves it in there. People comment that it's probably more comfortable than my own bed - but one time a couple of years ago, I went out and had a few too many drinks. I woke up the next morning with his furry lump in bed next to me so I'd obviously thought it a great idea in my drunken state to let him share the bed. My God did I pay for that for about a month after. He'd play up every single time I tried to get him in the crate. Once he'd had the taste of the high life, he didn't want to go back regardless of how comfortable the crate was You just have to be more stubborn than them - if you can resist those eyes!

Good luck!
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Daisy is crated at night and has been able to make it throught the night since about 3 months. During the day, however, at 10 months she is about 90% potty trained. We still have an accident, about once a week or less. It takes time.
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Remember you need to be where he is or he needs to be where you are in the house.You can't train him well if accidents keep happening .It isn't always their stubborness if he isn't within range of you getting him out at the moment he needs to go well then it isn't his fault ,my friend keeps her dogs leashed to her in the house so they are never out of her site , she correct an accident and get them right outside. Consistancy and Perservence.
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