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Default Potty training

Ok .. Need advice I have a 7 month old Bassett cute as can be . She is a rescue her first 6 months of life she 4 different homes . I have no idea her her last owner have her up .. She's sweet kind and very submissive to our Great Dane ... Little back ground on her My one and only is we can't seem to potty train her we follow her outside give her treats when she goes midstream Stand at the door wait for her to come back in she gets a treat I'm taking her out every 3-5 hours and were stil having daily accidents !! Any thoughts advice is welcomed !! Thanks Potty training-imageuploadedbypg-free1352438664.388912.jpg

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I'm taking her out every 3-5 hours
obvious not often enough for her

see Housetraining Your Puppy
A 12 wk puppy who is busy playing may need to urinate every 15-20 minutes, whereas a resting puppy might go for an hour, and a sleeping puppy can go 8 hours at night. Activity makes urine! Activity makes urine! Repeat this 10 times, slowly. This is a very important lesson for new puppy owners.
a schedule is important a ridge schedual of feeding, water access, play and sleep lead to a predictable patern of when the dog need to go. Which is the first step in elimiating accident. When you can not watch the dog she must be confined that way she can not sneek of.
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I'm sure there's more going on and that others will come by with better information, but I will say this: She's only 7 months old and Bassets usually take longer to potty train than most dogs. Even a full year can sometimes be expected and if she's been bouncing around between homes for awhile, then you may be starting from square one. Just remember that patience, persistence, and consistence are all crucial. Good luck!

Edit: See? Mikey already beat me to it! lol

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I agree.. Consistence is the key.. My bassets were pretty good at potty training.. I always made sure to take them out after they wake up and if they start sniffing crazy.. You should learn to look for cues .. I spent at least a week researching online on how I can get them to be potty trained.. My bassets were potty trained in less than 2 months which is a miracle for their stubborn breed! Keep giving her treats outside after she goes.. But make sure she finishes and stand by her when she does.. Then give the treat.. I can pretty get mine to do anything as long as I have a treat on my hand

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Maddie was trained in about 3 months, but I crate trained her and took her out a lot more often than 3-4 hours. I took her out every time she woke up, after she played, after she ate, and every 2 hours at night. We were very lucky with her - there were very few accidents, even in the crate.

I was deadly consistent with the words I used and with rewarding the behavior. Now before I go to bed, I tell her, go outside and go potty, and then stand in the doorway as she goes out and does her business, then she turns and comes right in the house because she knows it's bedtime.

Consistency and taking her out more often will help. It's small wonder she's having problems, who knows what training she got in her other homes.
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Thanks for all the great advice !!! So take her out more , and re-enforce and crate ... Got it ... I have only had her for a bit and who knows what kind if potty training she had before is correct .. I'll keep everyone posted on our progress

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After 4 homes she could be very confused about what is expected of her.Starting as if she were a 12 week old may be helpful.She should not be out of your sight in the house so you can read any signs she gives out.Limit water intake and none after ,say, 8 pm,unless it is an ice cube.Good Luck
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I am Certainly NO expert. However, I am in the middle of house training with Ellie.

Ellie was "doggie door" trained when I got her, but we have no doggie door, but she does go to the back door when she wants out. However, I have to notice and react in a very short time span or we are going "inside". Puppies can only wait so long, and don't seem to give much of a warning. I am also pad training. when she has gone on the floor, I will soak it up with the pad, then put her on the pad with the urine and tell her "good girl" (no treat). Treats anytime she does either outside, also if she goes on the pad inside (she also gets a treat if she "aimed" for the pad - front feet on, business end, just off the pad - the intent was there!) This system is working well for me. I also used it for all my pups since Jake, I wish I had done it with him! But he usually pretty good unless feeling sick, or an especially long day.

I do, whenever Ellie has just ate or drank take her out, also awaking from naps or at the end of play. She usually needs to go and of course, I make a HUGE deal out of it, kisses, praise and treats.

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took ours out A LOT. started literally every 10 minutes, worked up to every hour, etc... as others have posted; patience and consistency. pay off is great. you will do fine.
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