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Thanks everbody ill try the rug dr with jus hot water too. Hopefully in addition to that and his new food diet over next mth ill see a positive change. In the mean time as wearing tshirt is helpin. Any reccommendations on where to find clothes that fit bassets better. I have one good shirt for him size exlarge but have to roll it cuz its too long. Lol
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I would look into ZeroRes...its a carpet company that cleans your carpet with just water! no chemicals what so ever.
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It seems as though he may have a lot of issues going on ,like people some dogs are more sensitive than others to mold,cleaning supplies,grass,etc.Unfortunately a dermitologist may be your answer.
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do they make doggie allergists?

And, not to make light of the situation, but saying "my basset has issues..."
my first thought is duhhh. you gots a bassset dontcha? hee.

but seriously i hope the itchies subside. boo.
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Yes Esther they do. If I wasn't able to get answers to what was causing Mabel to lose all her hair - our next step was taking her to a doggie allergist. Her doctor was already talking to her about Mabel - we were just waiting for the allotted time for her to be on the new food. Thank God the food was the culprit - all her hair is growing back and we didn't have to go see the allergist.

Sounds like it would be a good idea for you to ask your vet to recommend one for you. I hope you find answers sooner than later - I know how stressful and costly it can be.

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THIS SOUNDS ALMOST LIKE WHAT FLASH HAS. (EXPECT FOR THE GAS) SHE DOES ITCHY UNTIL THERE ARE RED BUMPS AND NO HAIR. We are also trying different food but idk if its helping. I have found that she itches for a few days hard and then seems to stop or slow down a day or two. Also I put Benadyall (sp) spray on the sores and it helps alot. But it never goes away. We have tried different shot from the vet and they work for a week then quit. Flash isnt overweight though and the vet shes looks perfect with everything else. Please keep me informed about how you treat this and anyhthing else you find out. Hope Virgil get better!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sorry, I really don't have anything "helpful" to add. I am just SO sorry to hear Virgil and you are suffering so much. Personally, I would attempt about any suggestion offered here, from covering carpet, Water/steam cleaning, to removing it. Start small (cheap) and work from there. Have you had Virgil allergy tested? I know it is very expensive (one of the girls at my office is going thru it with her Maltese). In the mean time, if the t-shirt seems to help... I would by him a whole wardrobe.

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Wow, first I just want to say you sure are dealing with a lot of issues with your baby and I know how frustrating that can be.
It does sound like he has yeast issues. Are you bathing him with a shampoo specifically for that and leaving the shampoo on him for at least 10-15 minutes before rinsing? With as bad as his skin sounds, he should be getting several baths a week for as long as it takes to clear it up. No fun, I know. I've used this shampoo for Yogi

Douxo - Chlorhexidine PS + Climbazole Shampoo DOGS & CATS (6.8 fl oz) and these wipes for his underarm area.
Douxo Chlorhexidine 3% PS Pads (30 count)

Yogi's always going to have allergies but over the years I have learned to manage them and I have spent a fortune at the vet. I hate using steroids, I don't believe that they are the answer because it doesn't fix the problem and in the long run, I believe the cause more problems. I have learned through trial and error what works for him and no longer take him to the vet for skin issues. I try to check his skin everyday and if I start seeing a problem I use the wipes on his underarms and if it becomes more widespread we go to the bathing. Right now he's having some problems because of leaf mold.

I know you said he just went on a new food, has that not helped to decrease the amount of gas he has? Yogi didn't have gas but we did do the food trial for allergies, didn't help at all. I do have him on a very high quality food which I do think helps but nothing is ever going to be a "cure all" for him.

Also, I don't know how long it takes but I'm sure it will take a while before the thyroid med really starts to improve some of his skin issues.

I'm going to send you a pm with some more info. Good luck and hang in there!
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Thanks everybody for all your input and support. Thar in itself has been a breath of fresh air for me. My friends n fam are sicka hearin bout virgs newest problems im sure. Its a relief to know im not alone on some of his problems. My fiance is beyond stressed. We jus bought a new house in june which I thought would answer all virgs problems if it was something he was allergic ti in old but turns out its worse. But.... Leaf mold could b huge trigger. We have biggest tree ive ever seen in back yard. I bagged up 19bags of leaves last couple days. no I did not do allergy test last yr when it started cuz price, tho weve now spent way over that in meds n vet visits. The shirts still helpin 85% of time. I had to give him prednisone last night. But tgats one pill over last 3days which is better than before wo shirt. Gettin him more shirts soon rather its makin or findin ones that fit. Mikey on here said food could take 12 wks to see signs of improvement so thats my newest trial im waitin on before dermtog. Visit. His food is a hyperallegenic $80 bag from vet, not sure name right noe. Ill post it later. Going to get goldmond powder today from under arms and spray for belly. Im not goin to mess w carpet till after food trial. Carpets everywhere in my new house so cant restrict him from it. The gas I think is side effect from prednisone or atleast thats makin him eat every stick branch leaf outside even tearin bark off tree. Which is causin gas? Has gotten better as im tryin to supervise that more /hes ate it all lol. But was so bad he smelled like farts so much we limited our guests comin over cuz our house jus stunk constantly. I finally smelled the frito basset smell everyone was talking bout. I wish thats all he smelled like. As far as baths, at old house id bath him ev couple weeks mayb once a mth. But he never had the gas or was a problem stinkywise. Since boughr new house, found out our bathroom jad major problems so we had to gut the entite thing. Havent been able to afford to fix it and only other bath is in basement (steeps steps) that he cant do n id ratger not coax him to with his front paws bei.g so crooked (ones nearly backwards) and carryin a panicked 74pound dog downstairs is outa the question. So I was showerin him outside w hose for summer (we both hated) & now ive been bringin him to the local dog wash which is sweet and perfect till our bath gets fixed. Im goin to try to wash him every sunday but I heard if u wash bassets to often it messes w their skin? I use shampoo from vet, samw brand as his ear solution to clean those suckers but I have not kept it on for 10min. Ill try that now. Im always scared itll burn his belly tgos cuz its sooo raw. Ill keep everyone posted on new results. Oh his weight problem supposedly due to thyroid disease which was to decrease w his pills but had increased two pounds. I feed him cup food in am n at night. But hes still hungry trying to eat stuff outside.
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This is so sad. I too have a basset with allergies. Was doing good until she got a loaf of bread off the counter on Sept. 13 th and has been itching sense.

I took her to the groomer because I thought she might have better stuff than I. Have been very busy working for hunting season so I have not had time to bath her again and I need to rinse her in apple cider vinegar 50/50 with water for a rinse.

Also you may try organic coconut oil. It is anti itch and also anti inflammatory.

I feed her all raw because of her allergies but that bread has put her into a tail spin.

I don't know anything about the thyroid. Wish I could help there.

I know I can put wheat on top of Turtles list. Little stink was eating frozen slimy melon in the garden yesterday, no wonder her allergies are not getting better .
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