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Default Basset / Pitbull interaction?

When one doggie door closes another opens...even if its not the one you expect. Anyone familiar with how adult bassets/pits might interact?

We've added a 6-8 week old pitbull pup to our pack. Student was caught trying to house him in the dorms (no animals allowed) so she threw him out in the parking lot instead of rehoming him or taking him to the shelter. Husband fell in love. He [the dog] goes to the vet tomorrow to determine his actual age, weight, and get him age-appropriate medical care.

I'm NOT a puppy person. Cute, adorable, yes...but a pain in the butt to potty train.

Copper has been following around the new pup (which we've named Chad). All interaction has been supervised. Without warning, Copper bit the puppy in the ear. It bled, but its fine now. I think Copper was upset because the puppy started chewing on the toy Copper had claimed.

We plan on socializing the puppy well. He has plenty of cats around the house and Copper to play with. Weekly trips to 7 acre fenced dog park.

I've never had a puppy in my adult life! Just a little worried my basset will be jealous.
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I had a neighbor in St. Pete with a pitbull. He lunged at my basset every time they met. The landlord kicked them out. She loved my dogs.
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Princess Buttercup's boyfriend is a half pit half lab lovebug. They chase squirrels, play tug o war, share their kennels, trade carrots, & play chase. Just like any other dog just depends on individual temperment & how they're trained. I bet they'll be cuddle buddies in no time.
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i had a 10 yr old pit dalmatian mix when i rescued Eddie and they had some problems but get along great. can i ask how to start my own thread??? im sorry cant seem to figure out. thanks
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From this page: right above "Threads in forum" you should see a black button that says, "New Thread." Just click that, and you should be good to go.Threads in Forum : General Basset Hound Discussion
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I have a lab/pit and he gets along great with my hounds.
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I don't have much experience with pit bulls, but what I've read is that they can be great dogs as long as you socialize and train them well right from the start. And it sounds like you're doing that, so it should be fine.
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Norman luvs to play chase and westle with his buddy Boomer a large pitt bull est. 80 -90 lbs. Norman ie 45 lbs. there are several others that he plays with. No problems as long as they dont bite the ears. ther is one rotty that norman does not like and does not play well with. real headache, but he is getting better.
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Mine get along fine. I was worried at first hearing all the things about Pitbulls. But the Turtle kept attacking Richter if he even looked at her wrong.

Poor guy couldn't do anything right. I was on the spot to stop anything that might be retaliation on his part. One thing about Turtle she is very smart and I knew she would not do it if I wasn't there. So I got fine with leaving them alone.

She now has accepted him and only will attack him rarely. She's just a snot and likes to keep her position on top. He figured out soon that she was all bark and no bit so he always just hunkers down and takes it.

But yes it will depend on your Pit's personality and how you handle it. Good luck I think it will be fine. Richter is the only male in our house don't know if that makes a difference but I would think so.
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A girl at my work had a pit bull puppy and we used to let her puppy Peanut and Hubert play together all the time when they were a few months old and they always got along great.
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