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Question New to the forum...looking for some general advice

Hello! Rosco and I are new here. He is 5 months old, and quite the handful! When my Fiancee` and I bought him from his breeder, he was already 15 weeks old. We were both truck drivers then. Rosco did really well in the truck actually, but when we came home it was a huge deal, and not pretty either! LOL
My Fiancee` has decided that I don't need to work, so Rosco and I are at home all the time. Right now we are working through some serious separation anxiety issues, and of course potty training has been a nightmare!
I got Rosco put on a schedule, which has helped tremendously! The issue, however, is when I need to deviate from his schedule. If I need to go to the grocery store, or visit with friends and I'm leaving. I always put him in his crate, and give him a toy to occupy his time with. He cries, and cries and cries. Luckily my neighbors haven't complained yet, but I do live in an apartment.
I know he was running around like a psycho dog around 9:30pm the other night and someone banged on our floor(their ceiling).
Back to the separation anxiety....I can't even go to the bathroom without him crying loudly like he's been left alone for hours! I leave the doors open so that he can come find me, but he usually just lays there and cries and howls....HELP! I don't know what to do with the separation anxiety! We have gotten better with the potty training, but the anxiety I need help with!
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How long ago did the big change in schedule happen? I know when I moved houses with Patito he had a bit more seperation anxiety (he could not be out of my site). He has improved a lot though in two months. Also I would do a search in the other posts about seperation anxiety because mikeyt has posted some good links about it in the past. Pretty much you need to leave the room for short periods 10sec etc without making a big deal out of it and build up the time so your guy realizes it is no big deal when you leave and you will always come back!
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We have been at home for 3 weeks now. This was an issue before the big change, but I don't want it to get any worse either! I don't want him to be all stressed out all the time! LOL I'll have to work on making small trips so that hopefully, it will help!
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Bassets like to be with people.It isn't so abnormal that he is doing this, to a certain extent.Maybe get a kong you can put something in it so he has to work to get it out ,this would be good to give him when you have to leave.Try to tire him out ,play or better yet go for walks with him.Talk to your neighbors and tell them you appologize for any noise he is making but you are training him and just ask for a little patience on their part ,things will get better.
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for behavior modification to work the dog must not be so anxious that you can not leave for even a second etc. things to consider.

1.trigger, most dogs strat to get anxious even before the owner leave because of routine ie picking up kep , putting on particular coat , shoes etc.

2. demphysis coming home reduce the excitement anxiety f both greeting and departures. make them matter of fact do not acknowledge pet dog unless and until it is calm when you return.

3. often times even minute departure can not be successful because te anxiety level of the dog this is wher pharmacology caan help, drugs themselves are not a cure but used in conjuntion with behavior mod they can get you start where you could not befor clomicalm

non=drug therapy that has some success with some dogs include, meletonin, DAP (dog appeasing pherimones) thunder shirt/anxiety wrap

4 seperation anxiety is all about being alone many find that a non human companion not necesirly another dog can sometimes solve the problem but it is not a quarantee. Sometimes the anxious dog can make the other pet anxious as well adn they feed of each other anxiousness make mater much worse so it is a risky proposition but often times you can borrow some one else pet and see how the dog does with them on a temporary basis if it work you can look in that direction if not pet other pet goes back to original owner no long term harm done.

seperation Anxiety
Separation anxiety is often triggered by either a high contrast situation – months of the owner home all day followed by sudden eight-hour absences – or some sort of life change – rehoming, a stay at a boarding kennel, a death of a key family member or major change in routine.

Reduce the contrast between when you’re gone and when you’re home. Refrain from smothering him with affection (see the "mental work" options above to discover other ways of interacting with your dog). Regularly interrupt his shadowing you around the house continuously when you’re home by baby-gating him into another room for short periods. This is like practicing a "semi-absence." Do many, many extremely brief (1 – 30 seconds) absences with no fanfare on departure or arrival. Increase physical exercise and mental stimulation.
Severe Separation Anxiety
The hard part for the owner is that, for the duration of this treatment, the dog cannot experience absences in day to day life that are longer than the point he has reached in treatment exercises. This means essentially that, early on in treatment, the dog cannot be left alone


Dog Who Loved to Much
Here is first consumer-oriented discussion of the use and application of medication in the management and treatment of behavioral problems in dogs. Dogs experience the whole range of psychological problems that humans do; depression, anxiety, fear, aggression, and grief. The dog-owning public is seeking solutions to doggie problems which may include the application of human medications. A Professor of Behavioral Pharmacology at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, author Dodman's approach includes an in-depth understanding of behavior, making key changes in diet, exercise, environment, and at times, prescribing state-of-the-art medication. Case histories enhance the understanding of Dodman's theories. Fascinating reading!

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I am not a behavior expert, just a basset mom.

Try the Kong. My two love their Kongs and it keeps them pretty occupied. Also, I don't know your position, but... my Jake has some separation issues. He's OK as long as Abby is around, we can come and go... However, heaven forbid Abby goes to the vet or somewhere without him... He carries on like crazy. We are lucky tho and own a house so apartment neighbors are not a concern.

If you are not in a position where you can get a companion, then I would try leaving and coming back in short intervals. Not making a big deal of leaving, and listening to our resident experts.
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