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Default puppy accident

So I was home at lunch today and the daily routine is to get the puppies up on the bed with me to roll around and have some lovin time. Today, one of the puppies rolled a little too far and fell flat on the floor. It was like in slow motion and i couldn't catch him. Our bed sits a little high off the floor. He just laid there for a minute and then when he tried to get up he was limping a little. I think when he landed he landed wrong on his front leg. I feel terrible. Do I need to be worried? It wasn't a horrible limp and I'm pretty sure he was soaking up all the attention I was giving him, but he is only 5 months old and I'm so worried about him.
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Hopefully it was just shock of the impact, and he will walk it off. Probably if he isn't better in a day, I would say to take him to the vet. Just because he has a little limp I don't think it is horrible but if it lasts longer than the day get him checked out. This is just my opinion, so use your logic too.
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any traumatic fall can injure a growth plate depending on the inpact which can lead to angular limb deformity . the younger the dog the bigger a growth plate problem is because they grow more. Same thing when the dog is more mature not as big a deal. Keep in mind however puppies suffer falls all the time without injuring the growth plate as well.

Bone problems in young dogs
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When my cockapoo Zoey was a tiny puppy, about 10 weeks, she leaped off the exam table at the vet and face planted on the floor. She was fine. The vet checked her out and didn't see anything wrong. Keep an eye on him and if you see something not right, call the vet. Puppies are partially made of rubber, you know
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I can tell you that Smili was in a shoping cart being a very good girl while I was at TJ Maxx. She was probably about 5 months old at the time. Then all of a sudden the urge to be a naughty Basset kicked in and she jumped out! It was probably about a 4' fall and she came crashing down on her chest...popped back up and started running. She was fine...No limping though.

Then about 2 months ago she was playing with her litter mate and when they got done I noticed her limping on her back leg a little. After a few days it did not get better so I took her into the vet...That is when they told me she had a torn ACL.

So, I would give it a day or two. If the little guy is still limping, get him into the vet.
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Sorry if you think I'm interfering, but for me, it's much safer to enjoy a romp with pups on a rug on the floor rather than on a bed that you say is 'high off the ground' where a puppy could fall and injure itself (not a bunk bed, I hope)!! I would be keeping a puppy of mine off beds, sofas and stairs to be safe, as we all know vets charge a fortune to mend injured limbs and you don't really want your Basset to have a bad back or legs!!!
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Thanks everyone for the info. He isn't limping tonight and even went out in the yard and ran around. I'm guessing he just landed a little wrong on his hand and it scared him a bit, not to mention I instantly freaked out with worry and he was soaking up the attention.
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NO BEDS without help on and off.I know he fell but if you desire him to be on a bed with you those are the chances you take. I would have taken him right to the Vet simply because he is only five months old and I would rather be safe than sorry.He was probably stunned still why take chances.
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No more beds for sure. He was up running and crazy as usual this morning so thank god it wasn't anything.
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