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Default Two Male Bassets fighting

I adopted a two basset hounds (8 yr old male, Sonny/ and a 4 yr old female, Sadie) a few months ago from a military buddy of mine that had to go over seas. Well I already had a 3 year old male basset hound (Tweeter) for them to join. At the time all my dogs are intact. Well a month ago one of the basset hounds I adopted went into heat. Well thinking it would be interesting to breed at least one litter before I get them all neutered and spayed. Couple weeks ago after she was in heat I started letting them all run back together again so I wouldnt have to keep them seperated during the whole breeding process. Well to my surprise Tweeter wants to fight the 8 yr old male (Sonny). Well I finally pulled the last straw a week ago when they got into a horrible fight. It was like something clicked in his mind to start fighting. Went and got Tweeter fixed last weekend. But he still wants to fight Sonny. I already have another appointment made for Sonny to get fixed. Will doing this eliminate all the aggressiveness
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I am NOT a behavior expert, but one should come along shortly. but I do wish you luck
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Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about the boys fighting. May be due to the female being in heat.
Be prepared for more advice, I'm sure you'll be getting quite a bit. Mostly due to the fact you thought it might be "interesting" to have a litter? If she is indeed pregnant, you must start doing your research NOW, since you need to be prepared especially if you've never dealt with this before. Things can happen quickly and you need to be prepared. It is not a trivial process
Good Luck
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My 2 males who were neutered before ever coming together, used to fight....more resource guarding over me (no females around)....after they were used to each other a little more (and some sprays of water with a sports bottle in the face) they stopped the fighting....not completely but rarely.....hope this helps.
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Well, a female in season will definitely get the intact boys fighting - especially if one has been allowed to breed her. Big mistake if you wanted them to get along, I have to keep my two boys separate.

Neutering MAY help - male/male aggression is one of the few behaviors that is improved by the procedure, however it takes a few months for the hormones to fade.

If you did allow your bitch to breed, then as Midge N Hazely said you had better start researching NOW about prenatal care, whelping, rearing a litter etc. You also want to make sure you have money set aside for emergencies - for example an emergency c-section (relatively common for Bassets) will set you back $1500-2000. Plus the cost of deworming, first shots, extra food etc. Since Bassets have a tendency to lie on the pups they need to be supervised 24/7 for the first 2-3 weeks after whelping, which for most people means time off work (I'm currently on "maternity leave" to watch my litter).

You will need a box/pen to contain them so they don't run amok through your house. You will also need to keep the boys completely away from mom and litter - they could easily harm the pups, the dam will almost certainly attack them to drive them away, at the very least she will be upset and unsettled.

It also takes a lot of time to feed and clean them, plus they need to be properly trained and socialized the they are going to be well-adjusted pets instead of ending up in the pound because of behavior issues. You also need to be prepared to care for growing pups that don't sell right away. Are you prepared to be responsible for the lives you are creating and be willing to take them back if for some reason the owner can't keep them? At any time (I've taken dogs back at 10 years of age)?

Or you could save yourself a lot of effort and money and spay her (and the other boy) right now.
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