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Default Spay / Neuter Questiion - When is the best age

So the twins were at the vet last week for there last round of puppy shots. We usually go to a non-proffit vet clinic where they only charge $20 for a visit. This time we did not see the doc b/c it was just for the puppy shots. The vet tech said that she used to work for a holistic vet and that the new thought on Spaying is to wait until the puppy is at least 1 year old, after her first cycle. Something to do with the incresed estrogen levels being good.

Then we were checking out and the lady processing the paperwork said that we should go ahead and schedule the Spay now (They are 16 weeks old). I said that I thought that it was better to wait until after their first cycle, to which she said no. She said that if you wait until a year old that it is very unhealthy due to the increased estrogen levels.

So needless to say we are confussed! Any thoughts?
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I'm no expert on this but seems to me that earlier the better for spaying. I think that Soundtrack may have written in on this at one time or another.
In our experience we were adcvised to have Pais spayed at 6 months and were planning to do it over the Christmas holidays when we could be home with her and then our vet clinic cancelled non-emergency surgeries over the holidays -- then wouldnt you know it she went into heat. We then had to wait for another month or so (can't remeber exactly). She got along just fine but I for one did't enjoy the "heat" experience and I am sure she did't either. I don't know but with having two little girls I think I would get it overwith before a heat cycle. I am sure that Bubbad, Soundtrack and Mikey will be able to give you the best advice since they have the most experience with breeding and non breeding.
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Usually ,at least when I worked for a Vet, it was about 5 months old because they didn't want them coming into season(heat)The higher estrogen level is what can cause problems with mammary tumors etc. Recovery is perfectly fine at this age.
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I've always spayed female dogs around 6 months. Boys (well, Winston is the only boy I've had) neutered between 5 and 6 months. Winston got snipped at 5 months. He was ready!

No recovery problems, except for Molly's UTI which cleared up quickly with antibiotics.
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I prefer to wait until 12 months. My vet recommends 12-15 months for all her large breed dogs. She said that it helps with their bone development.
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We had our two girls spayed at six months as our vet thinks this is the best age, before they have a season,
maybe other vets have different ideas on the best age! is 16 weeks not a bit young to put them through an op?
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We got Doppler neutered at around 6 months but Virga we got spayed at around 5 months because we (a) didn't want to go through a season with her and (b) we had done some research and found some information that said it's better to spay them early because with each season they go through, there's an increase of mammary tumors and whatnot. So that's when we do our surgeries. Doppler probably could have waited until he was a year old but we just went ahead and did it.
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If it were a pet female I would prefer to wait until she was mature (18 months to two years). Males do not need to be neutered at all, and tend to have more problems as a result of neutering than if they are not done. Females are more of a toss-up health wise. My own girls don't normally get spayed until 7-9 years of age, and then it's basically to avoid the nuisance of them coming into heat. I've only had one get a mammary tumor, which was removed and never returned. Three got uterine infections and had to be spayed early (between 3-6 years). The rest had no issues at all.
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Ninja and Scully are the 2 we got as puppies, and their vets recommended spaying at about 5-6 months, so that is what we did. (Larsen came to us without his "boys", which was just fine with me!)

With Ninja, according to the non-breeding contract we signed for her breeder, we were to have her spayed by 8 months of age, and send proof of spaying before 9 months of age.
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Our vet wants us to get poor flash neutered at about 7 months of age. Not sure what we are doing-we never had our rottie neutered and he was fine lol. But it also saves us 20 bucks a year on licensing the dog by having them "fixed". Guess we should probably look into the pros and cons of it!
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