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dodolah 02-22-2010 06:31 PM

Basset Hound's look
Hi All,
I am new here. and I am about to get Basset Hound next year.
So, I thought I should do the research now.

I am wondering about the Basset's look in general.. To my surprise, the look they have are very broad. Perhaps, you guys can help me a bit about this.

my main question is there a difference in look for American Basset Hound and European Basset hound?
Why European breed are more expensive?

Here are the pics, I found on the internet.

as oppose to this one:

Are they somewhat different? i found one that looked more like a beagle than a basset.

Is it safe to assume that European Basset Hound have more wrinkle and longer ear than American Basset Hound?



dodolah 02-22-2010 11:03 PM

sorry, if this is a dumb question

shallhb 02-23-2010 01:01 AM

It isn't a dumb question at all, but there may not be many members who are familiar enough with both European and US Bassets to be able to answer it. Best of luck in finding a great hound for your house.

Dean 02-23-2010 07:22 AM

American breeders have worked for years to produce a larger, overstuffed basset . Just look at the show winners, and ask does this hound meet the basset standard --- is the chest depth 2/3 of the shoulder height --- does this hound look like it could run a rabbit

The heritage of the breed is being ignored

vb3 02-23-2010 09:33 AM

Yeah, I didn't know there was a difference between American and European bassets.

Mikey T 02-23-2010 11:24 AM


Is it safe to assume that European Basset Hound have more wrinkle and longer ear than American Basset Hound?
Absolutely not. There is a difference between how FCI and AKC judges interpret the breed standard which results generally in a larger and lower to the ground hound in europe. Such hounds in Europe have often gotten to the point of being useless in the field because of lack of mobility, ground clearance etc. This was also the case with American bassets and the trend has moderated in the past 20 years. But this trend may be changing in Europe as well. In the wake of the BBC expose on pure bred dogs and cruft there is a move afoot to change/moderate the English breed standard. Since the FCI depends on the breed standard of the country of origin and for the basset hound that is England

Now more specifical much of the names French hound, English hound, European hound etc are used by breeders for two reasons,
1. to differentiate themself so they can charge more
2. explain why there hounds are poor representatiions of the breed standard

ANY US breeder using these terms to discribe there dogs is not likely to be a reputable breeder,

When it comes th the look of a hound taking someones discription is useless, you have a much better guage of what a hound will look like by viewing it parentage, not simply the bam and sire but what the lines look like as well, Find a resonsiple breeder, very few exist on the internet and those that do don't post prices etc. To find a resposible breed a good place to start is the BHCA web site or a local basset club that is affliated with the BHCA

For a true European hound the cost is going to be more because of the cost of importation, but that expense dose not make it a higher quality hound. There are poor quality hounds in Europe as there are in the states.


i found one that looked more like a beagle than a basset.
These are often refered to as Basset Artisien Normand which is a rare breed in the US but in actuality they are nothing more than poorly bred bassets with no reguard to breed type. You will find quality breeder that do specialize in breeding for the field in which less attetion is paid to actual conformation and meeting the arbitrary standard as to fitness and ability in the field, These dogs tend to be leggier than their conformation counterparts but their are dogs that excell in both as well.

Save The Basset Hound! Don't touch the Standard

About the possible change in the KC breed Standard.

In deciding on a breeder or dog one mut determine what is important to you. IS the dog going to be a working dog if so getting a dog from strictly conformation lines is a crap shoot you will likely loose. If there are certain attribute that are important to you look for a line or breeder that has the same emphysis. But keep in mind unless you are willing to show the dog in conformation etc it is unlikely a responsible breeder will sell you the best representation of the breed but rather a "pet quality" dog that has some conformational faults. Keep in mind most often these faults are purely cosmetic and do not affect the heath, and suitability of the dog as a pet.

Mikey T 02-23-2010 11:42 AM


The heritage of the breed is being ignored
If one to look at the heritage of the "Basset Hound" it was not breed to hunt but rather looks first. While it was french Hunting breeds were imported to England the purpose of the early breeders was on conformation, field work was secondary

The Early History of the Basset Hound in England, 1874-1921

Until the 1890s most of the imports were undertaken for the purpose of showing the dogs and their progeny at dog shows. However, the basset was also slowly discovered as an excellent hunting companion

dodolah 02-23-2010 04:07 PM

Excellent info. Thank you so much. i have been in contact with the BHCA secretary and she is educating me about basset hound right now.
The dog i am getting in the near future will not be exposed to hunting. So, i am not particularly worry about its ability to hunt. As for show, I am open to the possibilities.

Thank you everyone. This is particularly educational.
I have a question about the fact you mentioned that most reputable breeder don't advertise thru website.

Is it a common practice or considered ethical to ask an opinion about a certain breeder to other breeder? I have one person whom I talked to recently, but I found her on the internet. She sounded very responsible. And, so far, she is very open to questioning. The demands she put before selling the puppy is also going along the check list of BHCA checklist of a reputable breeder.

Mikey T 02-23-2010 04:54 PM

It would be so much easier if one could say a breeder was ethical/responsible or not but this is not a black and white issue. There are too many grey areas and areas of abiguity all that one can point out is areas in wich they believe a particular breeder could be better What is most important is not what other feel about the breeder but how you fee about the breeder.


I have a question about the fact you mentioned that most reputable breeder don't advertise thru website.
There is a big difference between advertising and promoting through the web and selling throught the web. Many well respected breeders have a web presence but the do not sell through the web. I point toward Claudia Orlandi's Topsfield Bassets web site as an example. While promoting her kennel ther is equal or even more emphysis on education and ion her part a lot of it is breeder education.

Topsfield Bassets the extent of advertising is the following statement

Companion pets in the form of puppies, young adults, and more mature individuals who have been retired from the show ring or breeding program are sometimes available to good homes.

Another example of a reputable breeders website Spectrum Basset Hounds!

which is quite different from a less reputable breederwho's first emphysis is selling dogs
Roys Basset hounds

The Lowest Priced Basset Pups On The Internet
always a sign of quality breeding ;)

Graciesmom 02-25-2010 11:15 PM

I highly recommend
Rescuing one of these cuties, because others don't have the patience with them.
My sweet girl has taught me to slow down, and enjoy some down time.
I think when you see a that face you will know which one is for you.

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