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Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. We recently got a 10 week old Basset (at at that Time, he is 13 week now). His picture is on my avatar.

we are having problems controlling his biting. we've had dogs before growing up, and I don't remember having a puppy that bit so much, and I was raised among Dobermans and German Sheperds.

We've researched and tried every technique: the time out method, the high pitch yelp and walk away method, the coins in a can method, the frozen sock as a chewable toy method, and none of it seems to work. He gets really feisty at times, and continues to bite us.

Do you have any advice you can give us.
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WHAT THE HECK, ARE YOU SURE YOU HAVE A BASSET HOUND I MEAN MY BASSET, FREDDY HAS NEVER BIT ME OR MY FAMILY. In some of my books it says that bassets are one of the most affecinete and friendly of all dogs. You should speak to your breeder or vetinarian.
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Puppy nipping can be very trying, especially if there are young children in the home. Here is a list of links to discussion of this problem. Good luck.
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LOL, Basset Hounds can be than other breeds. Dobermans and Shepherds care about what you want them to do, Bassets have their own agenda.

Just keep at it, he'll learn, eventually.
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I second the idea of keeping at it!! They are VERY stubborn!!! Keep doing what you're doing. Louie did the same thing but instead of a "yelp" I screamed really loud (as if it hurt - not at him) and to this day if you even say "OUCH" he stops immediately and licks your face as if to say "sorry"... Keep at it...your patience will pay off!!
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Young Bassets can be very nippy. Persistance, patience, and more persistance will get you through. Betsy's links will be very helpful. Take a look at them and give them a try. If you still are having trouble after that, give a shout. While the circumstances of our personal experience with a biting Basset are probably very different from yours, I could share some of the things that helped us, if you find still need help. Good luck.

Moe and Terry
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My George sounds just like your dog. We tried everything and it seemed the more noise we made (ouch, no, stop, etc) the crazier he got. I think in his eyes he thought we were playing. George is now 11 months and he has come a long way. He still nips but his mouth is really soft now. He just does it when he wants to play.

Here is what we did and still do in order:

- Lots of chew toys. When he starts to get excited and bite, we hand him a toy each time and stop playing with him. Keep handing him a toy until he takes it. No tug games.
- Thumb on the back of his tongue when he bites and hold it there for 5 seconds. After a few times of this he usually stops. This is our gentle reminder and works for us.
- Pinch collar. When none of the above work, we put on his pinch collar and go through several training commands (sit, stay, heel, watch, etc). This seems to get his mind back into obedience mode.
- Crate. I can hear it now, never use your crate as punishement, but it works for us. Nothing makes George calm down more than when he is seperated from the family. A 5 minute timeout in his crate is usually the ultimate puishment for him. He still loves his crate and takes most naps in it on his own so he knows it is not just a timeout place.

Note: George still nips when he wants to play. My two young boys are not the best role models. However, I think our method over the last 8 months has resulted in much less nipping and a softer mouth when he does nip. There was never much pressure with his bites in the beginning, but now there is none. If you read these forums it is generally known that Bassets like to put things in their mouths. I would keep this in mind over the next year. You have a way to go before this will get better.

I would also make sure you give your pup plenty of exercise. I can tell a difference with my dog when I skip a walk or two.

Below is the look we get after he gets in trouble. We struggle not to melt.

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WHAT THE HECK, ARE YOU SURE YOU HAVE A BASSET HOUND I MEAN MY BASSET, FREDDY HAS NEVER BIT ME OR MY FAMILY. In some of my books it says that bassets are one of the most affecinete and friendly of all dogs. You should speak to your breeder or vetinarian.[/b]
Wow, I really hope this was said sarcastically... I'm very new to the breed and very new to the forum, but opened this thread because I need help with the exact same thing, but with a newly adopted 2 year old. To see the very first response uncaring and rude is a real turn off Thankfully the other replies were helpful... sigh...

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oops, double post... told you I was new
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I'm sure the first poster was being sarcastic. Bassets are incredibly affectionate dogs, but almost all puppies have to learn not to bite. And your puppy is getting to the age when he'll begin teething, and that could be part of it as well. All the advice offered so far is great, especially the tips on calming the puppy down when he gets excited. Bassets are the most stubborn breed (people who aren't familiar with them think they are dumb, but they are not, they're just stubborn). Just be patient and persistent and your puppy will eventually get the message. Post some pictures!
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