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  1. Breeder Shaming
  2. The Politics of Pet Dogs and Kennel Crates
  3. You might be an animal rights radical
  4. Dog Shelter become part of the Problem
  5. USDA again
  6. More on the myth of Pet overpopulation and why shelters are full
  7. Not News
  8. Animal Mobsters Collaborate to Eradicate Purebreds and Take Over the Pet Marketplace
  9. No More Pa. Pets Sold for Medical Research
  10. Penalty in NY vs Pa.
  11. Pets On AMTRAK?
  12. Harrisburg Anti-tethering Law Has Passed
  13. Anti-tethering Law Harrisburg Pa.
  14. Pa. "Bad Rescue" Capital of the East?
  15. Conn. Animal Advocate Legislation
  16. Only 2% of Dogs Die in Shelters Yearly
  17. NY Times article: AKC Controversy
  18. Vick's Anti-Dog Fighting Bill Passes US Senate
  19. What I've Been Sayin'
  20. First Pa. Dog Law Board Meeting Since 1/11
  21. "She Has a
  22. No Comment
  23. No Enforcement No Surprise
  24. Basset Cruelty Investigation
  25. Action Group - Maryland Votes For Animals
  26. Don't Lose Your Dog In Harrisburg
  27. Great News For Pa. Puppymills
  28. More Bad News For Pa. Puppy Mill Law
  29. Give It To Your Wife
  30. Pa. Monday Nov. 13th Acttion Request
  31. Murder Hollow Update
  32. Puppy mill laws and the slippery slope
  33. Vick's Kennel to Become Dog Rehab Center
  34. Texas Puppy Mill Bill
  35. Mo. Kennel Bill : deal reached
  36. Planned Pethood
  37. Lawmakers,AKC declarews War on Pa. Dog Law
  38. "Pedigree Dogs Exposed"
  39. R.I.P. Pa. puppymill law?
  40. New Gov. Corbett and the Pa. Dog Law
  41. Philly Eagles help launch "End Dog Fighting in Philly" campaign
  42. Joe Biden's Breeder Leaving PA
  43. MainLine vs the USDA
  44. Pa. Dog Law Update
  45. Missouri Dog Law Follow Up
  46. Missouri and the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act
  47. Philly DA's cooments on Murder Hollow
  48. All charges withdrawn in Murder Hollow case
  49. The Way They Think
  50. Hoarding: A Psychiatric Disorder?
  51. Whats Going On With Murder Hollow
  52. Murder Hollow update - cross posted
  53. Senator Byrd, animal advocate, dies
  54. USDA Promises Tougher Enfocement of Federal Kennel Law
  55. For those still interested
  56. Proposed "Meghans Law" For Animal Abusers
  57. Hard Times for U. of Pa. Vet School
  58. Can anyone give me advice?
  59. Murder Hollow compromise reached
  60. Animal sacrifices in Philly
  61. UPDATE - Murder Hollow Bassets
  62. Michael Vick and football politics
  63. Re-posting link
  64. Suit being filed
  65. Donation Information For Murder Hollow
  66. BHCA on Murder Row Bassets
  67. More on Murder Hollow - from the owner
  68. Follow-up Inspection at Murder Hollow
  69. An the rest of the Murder Hollow Bassets
  70. PSPCA Statement on Murder Hollow Events
  71. Murder Hollow Seizure Facts
  72. Penn. Dog Law really working great!!!!
  73. PA Dog Law?
  74. Breeding Under The Table?
  75. We're Not PETA Mike
  76. HSVMA pushing for mill regs
  77. Newsweek Article: Designer Dogs
  78. You Won't Believe This One
  79. Animal Planet /Nightline Cover Pa. Puppymills
  80. Ohio Puppymill Bill
  81. OK Given to Three Breeding Kennels
  82. 'Best Friends' Takes Bocci
  83. 300 Licensed Pa.Kennels Close
  84. Update on Legislation
  85. Reponse to Legal Challenge of Dog Law
  86. Legal Challenge to Dog Law
  87. Chips Falling Where They May
  88. USDA and Pa. Dog Law
  89. Two Down
  90. One Down
  91. Way To Go Joe!
  92. Say It Ain't So Joe
  93. Christmas Puppy Campaign
  94. Rendell Names Canine Health Board
  95. Corruption Exposed
  96. Dean and Mike Definitions
  97. We Have A New Law
  98. "ALMOST" heaven"
  99. HB2525: Where It Stands Now
  100. Humane Society take on the candidates
  101. Victory in the House!!
  102. What Are You Doing
  103. Professional Dog Breeders File Suit
  104. 80 Mill Dogs Slaughtered
  105. Puppy Mill Rescue needs help
  106. Wisconsin Humane Society!
  107. Urgent Update on Bill 2525
  108. Update on PA HB 2525
  109. Pa. House Bill 2525
  110. Defeating Breed-Specific Legislation?
  111. Oprah to Support Pa. Dog Law!
  112. What Happened to Mr. High
  113. SC Alert - Cruel shelter practices
  114. Puppymill Enforcement
  115. Update on LA Count Animal Sheleter lawsuit
  116. Revised Pa. Kennel Regulations
  117. Interesting article on Mandatory S/N legislation
  118. No Kill Advocacy Group sues LA Anmial shelter
  119. Rendell's New Proposals
  120. Critic speaks against HSUS
  121. Update on Pa. Puppy Mill Laws
  122. Michael Vick Dogfighting Indictment
  123. AKC Introduces "Conditional Registration"
  124. Puppies are Bio-Degradagble
  125. Senate Votes for Tighter Pet Food Stamdards
  126. Update on Pa. Dog Law
  127. Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act
  128. Pennsylvania Dog Law Update
  129. Rendell Urges Action Against 'Puppy Mills"
  130. Home Owners Insurance
  131. BHCA?????
  132. PETS Act Update
  133. Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act
  134. What happened?
  135. consumer influence
  136. Animal Rights avarice in Katrina's wake
  137. Off Topic/ Dead Thread
  138. More on PAWS
  139. Scary petition
  140. Article - What is PAWS and why should I care?
  141. PeTA
  142. Dog Bites Man--a national crisis
  143. Ontario planning to ban pit bulls
  144. AKC and Commercial Breeders
  145. AKC Legislative Alert: NY Dog Owners
  146. Letter to AKC (crosspost)
  147. Why It's Hard To Take PETA Seriously
  148. Reminder: sign your posts on the politics forum
  149. Spay/Neuter Bill Introduced in Oklahoma
  150. Resolution Would Impact VA Breeders
  151. Not really basset related, but news on Breed Specific Le
  152. AKC Urges USDA to Improve AWA
  153. Financial Woes for AKC
  154. AKC Legislative Alert: RI Bill
  155. PETA
  156. High volume breeder Committee report