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thanks she thinks the basket is her bed but its just a basket in the living room with some afghans in it.

on her age im not sure ive heard anywhere between 2 and 4 years old and also have heard folks say she might be part beagle(i think i hear this because she is small and not fat). but i ran into a couple who own a few bassetts and work with a rescue here in the midwest that said she still has a puppy face so i dunno what to take that to mean. she went into heat back in january and got fixed in march. so if any of yall got suggestions on age id take em cause i just have no idea.

few other things to note about emma shes an escape artist and can easily find weaknesses in fences and open gates. she can also clear 3 feet easily when jumping up on places she shouldn't be(counters). um she has a strange fear of guitars, umbrellas, and the new set of golf clubs i just bought. she avoids them at all costs keeping 5 feet between her and them and if god forbid she has to walk by one to get to the other room she moves as fast as she can to get by em.

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