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Weight is all relative to the dog's frame. Also, keep in mind that a basset's dense bones add a lot more weight to them. That weight is not BAD weight. If a basset weighed the same as a similar sized non-basset, the basset would probably be underweight. They should weigh more than a regular dog of the same size. It sounds like the vet you saw doesn't necessarily have a lot of experience with bassets. I don't know the size of her frame, but the weight sounds like its within the normal range of healthy bassets. Copper is a LEAN 52 pounds (you can still see his ribs). For my small foster, that would have been overweight, but even my very-well-experienced-in-bassets vet told me that my smallest purebred foster should gain weight until she was 35-40 pounds (she came in at 25).
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