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Hello. My basset brothers are 18 weeks old now. The newest thing we are running into is the non stop humping. They hump each other, they hump other dogs at the dog park, they try to hump my feet, they will hump anything. One of them got a huge erection, lipstick out, and it lasted for like 30 minutes. He was so uncomfortable and couldn't even sit down. So my question is: is it time to get them neutered? They are eternally crazy, but this erection thing makes me think it's time. The bad part is that the puppy that this happened to only has one testicle. This concerns me. Can they neuter a dog with only one testicle?

Question 2. We have had a week solid of rain here in Missouri. The puppies were doing fantastic with going outside using the doggie door until they figured out it was raining. They refuse to go out. They have peed everywhere. We have put them out in the rain and they just sit there and bark until we let them back in, then they pee on the floor. What's the deal with rain that makes them so uncomfortable? They also hate their baths. They act like we are trying to kill them, but they get in the tub when there isn't water in it. They are weirdos.

Please help with the humping and rain issues.

Here are a couple photos of the little turds. They are getting so big!
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